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OLE Automation API

OLE Automation APIs.


DosDateTimeToVariantTime(int wDosDate, int wDosTime, Pointer<Double> pvtime) int oleaut32
Converts the MS-DOS representation of time to the date and time representation stored in a variant.
GetActiveObject(Pointer<GUID> rclsid, Pointer<NativeType> pvReserved, Pointer<Pointer<COMObject>> ppunk) int oleaut32
Retrieves a pointer to a running object that has been registered with OLE.
SysAllocString(Pointer<Utf16> psz) Pointer<Utf16> oleaut32
Allocates a new string and copies the passed string into it.
SysAllocStringByteLen(Pointer<Utf8> psz, int len) Pointer<Utf16> oleaut32
Takes an ANSI string as input, and returns a BSTR that contains an ANSI string. Does not perform any ANSI-to-Unicode translation.
SysAllocStringLen(Pointer<Utf16> strIn, int ui) Pointer<Utf16> oleaut32
Allocates a new string, copies the specified number of characters from the passed string, and appends a null-terminating character.
SysFreeString(Pointer<Utf16> bstrString) → void oleaut32
Deallocates a string allocated previously by SysAllocString, SysAllocStringByteLen, SysReAllocString, SysAllocStringLen, or SysReAllocStringLen.
SysReAllocString(Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz) int oleaut32
Reallocates a previously allocated string to be the size of a second string and copies the second string into the reallocated memory.
SysReAllocStringLen(Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz, int len) int oleaut32
Creates a new BSTR containing a specified number of characters from an old BSTR, and frees the old BSTR.
SysReleaseString(Pointer<Utf16> bstrString) → void oleaut32
Decreases the pinning reference count for the specified string by one. When that count reaches 0, the memory for that string is no longer prevented from being freed.
SysStringByteLen(Pointer<Utf16> bstr) int oleaut32
Returns the length (in bytes) of a BSTR.
SysStringLen(Pointer<Utf16> pbstr) int oleaut32
Returns the length of a BSTR.
VarBstrCat(Pointer<Utf16> bstrLeft, Pointer<Utf16> bstrRight, Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> pbstrResult) int oleaut32
Converts a variant from one type to another.
VarBstrCmp(Pointer<Utf16> bstrLeft, Pointer<Utf16> bstrRight, int lcid, int dwFlags) int oleaut32
Compares two variants of type BSTR.
VariantChangeType(Pointer<VARIANT> pvargDest, Pointer<VARIANT> pvarSrc, int wFlags, int vt) int oleaut32
Converts a variant from one type to another.
VariantClear(Pointer<VARIANT> pvarg) int oleaut32
Clears a variant.
VariantCopy(Pointer<VARIANT> pvargDest, Pointer<VARIANT> pvargSrc) int oleaut32
Frees the destination variant and makes a copy of the source variant.
VariantInit(Pointer<VARIANT> pvarg) → void oleaut32
Initializes a variant.
VariantTimeToDosDateTime(double vtime, Pointer<Uint16> pwDosDate, Pointer<Uint16> pwDosTime) int oleaut32
Converts the variant representation of a date and time to MS-DOS date and time values.
VariantTimeToSystemTime(double vtime, Pointer<SYSTEMTIME> lpSystemTime) int oleaut32
Converts the variant representation of time to system time values.