oleaut32 Topic

OLE Automation API

OLE Automation APIs.


DosDateTimeToVariantTime(int wDosDate, int wDosTime, Pointer<Double> pvtime) int oleaut32
Converts the MS-DOS representation of time to the date and time representation stored in a variant. [...]
GetActiveObject(Pointer<GUID> rclsid, Pointer<NativeType> pvReserved, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> ppunk) int oleaut32
Retrieves a pointer to a running object that has been registered with OLE. [...]
SysAllocString(Pointer<Utf16> psz) Pointer<Utf16> oleaut32
Allocates a new string and copies the passed string into it. [...]
SysAllocStringByteLen(Pointer<Utf8> psz, int len) Pointer<Utf16> oleaut32
Takes an ANSI string as input, and returns a BSTR that contains an ANSI string. Does not perform any ANSI-to-Unicode translation. [...]
SysAllocStringLen(Pointer<Utf16> strIn, int ui) Pointer<Utf16> oleaut32
Allocates a new string, copies the specified number of characters from the passed string, and appends a null-terminating character. [...]
SysFreeString(Pointer<Utf16> bstrString) → void oleaut32
Deallocates a string allocated previously by SysAllocString, SysAllocStringByteLen, SysReAllocString, SysAllocStringLen, or SysReAllocStringLen. [...]
SysReAllocString(Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz) int oleaut32
Reallocates a previously allocated string to be the size of a second string and copies the second string into the reallocated memory. [...]
SysReAllocStringLen(Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> pbstr, Pointer<Utf16> psz, int len) int oleaut32
Creates a new BSTR containing a specified number of characters from an old BSTR, and frees the old BSTR. [...]
SysReleaseString(Pointer<Utf16> bstrString) → void oleaut32
Decreases the pinning reference count for the specified string by one. When that count reaches 0, the memory for that string is no longer prevented from being freed. [...]
SysStringByteLen(Pointer<Utf16> bstr) int oleaut32
Returns the length (in bytes) of a BSTR. [...]
SysStringLen(Pointer<Utf16> pbstr) int oleaut32
Returns the length of a BSTR. [...]
VariantChangeType(Pointer<VARIANT> pvargDest, Pointer<VARIANT> pvarSrc, int wFlags, int vt) int oleaut32
Converts a variant from one type to another. [...]
VariantClear(Pointer<VARIANT> pvarg) int oleaut32
Clears a variant. [...]
VariantCopy(Pointer<VARIANT> pvargDest, Pointer<VARIANT> pvargSrc) int oleaut32
Frees the destination variant and makes a copy of the source variant. [...]
VariantInit(Pointer<VARIANT> pvarg) → void oleaut32
Initializes a variant. [...]
VariantTimeToDosDateTime(double vtime, Pointer<Uint16> pwDosDate, Pointer<Uint16> pwDosTime) int oleaut32
Converts the variant representation of a date and time to MS-DOS date and time values. [...]
VariantTimeToSystemTime(double vtime, Pointer<SYSTEMTIME> lpSystemTime) int oleaut32
Converts the variant representation of time to system time values. [...]