comctl32 topic

Common Controls Library

Implements a wide variety of standard Windows controls, such as File Open, Save, and Save As dialogs, progress bars, and list views. It creates and manages the windows for these UI elements, places various graphic elements within them, and collects user input.


DefSubclassProc(int hWnd, int uMsg, int wParam, int lParam) int comctl32
Calls the next handler in a window's subclass chain. The last handler in the subclass chain calls the original window procedure for the window.
DrawStatusText(int hDC, Pointer<RECT> lprc, Pointer<Utf16> pszText, int uFlags) → void comctl32
The DrawStatusText function draws the specified text in the style of a status window with borders.
InitCommonControlsEx(Pointer<INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX> picce) int comctl32
Ensures that the common control DLL (Comctl32.dll) is loaded, and registers specific common control classes from the DLL. An application must call this function before creating a common control.
RemoveWindowSubclass(int hWnd, Pointer<NativeFunction<SubclassProc>> pfnSubclass, int uIdSubclass) int comctl32
Removes a subclass callback from a window.
SetWindowSubclass(int hWnd, Pointer<NativeFunction<SubclassProc>> pfnSubclass, int uIdSubclass, int dwRefData) int comctl32
Installs or updates a window subclass callback.
TaskDialog(int hwndOwner, int hInstance, Pointer<Utf16> pszWindowTitle, Pointer<Utf16> pszMainInstruction, Pointer<Utf16> pszContent, int dwCommonButtons, Pointer<Utf16> pszIcon, Pointer<Int32> pnButton) int comctl32
The TaskDialog function creates, displays, and operates a task dialog. The task dialog contains application-defined message text and title, icons, and any combination of predefined push buttons. This function does not support the registration of a callback function to receive notifications.
TaskDialogIndirect(Pointer<TASKDIALOGCONFIG> pTaskConfig, Pointer<Int32> pnButton, Pointer<Int32> pnRadioButton, Pointer<Int32> pfVerificationFlagChecked) int comctl32
The TaskDialogIndirect function creates, displays, and operates a task dialog. The task dialog contains application-defined icons, messages, title, verification check box, command links, push buttons, and radio buttons. This function can register a callback function to receive notification messages.