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Game Controller APIs

XInput Game Controller API enables applications to receive input from the Xbox Controller for Windows.


XInputEnable(int enable) → void xinput
Sets the reporting state of XInput.
XInputGetAudioDeviceIds(int dwUserIndex, Pointer<Utf16> pRenderDeviceId, Pointer<Uint32> pRenderCount, Pointer<Utf16> pCaptureDeviceId, Pointer<Uint32> pCaptureCount) int xinput
Retrieves the sound rendering and sound capture audio device IDs that are associated with the headset connected to the specified controller.
XInputGetBatteryInformation(int dwUserIndex, int devType, Pointer<XINPUT_BATTERY_INFORMATION> pBatteryInformation) int xinput
Retrieves the battery type and charge status of a wireless controller.
XInputGetCapabilities(int dwUserIndex, int dwFlags, Pointer<XINPUT_CAPABILITIES> pCapabilities) int xinput
Retrieves the capabilities and features of a connected controller.
XInputGetKeystroke(int dwUserIndex, int dwReserved, Pointer<XINPUT_KEYSTROKE> pKeystroke) int xinput
Retrieves a gamepad input event.
XInputGetState(int dwUserIndex, Pointer<XINPUT_STATE> pState) int xinput
Retrieves the current state of the specified controller.
XInputSetState(int dwUserIndex, Pointer<XINPUT_VIBRATION> pVibration) int xinput
Sends data to a connected controller. This function is used to activate the vibration function of a controller.