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Flutter Favorites

Some of the packages that demonstrate the highest levels of quality, selected by the Flutter Ecosystem Committee


Value types with builders, Dart classes as enums, and serialization. This library is the runtime dependency.


Sentry SDK for Flutter. This package aims to support different Flutter targets by relying on the many platforms supported by Sentry with native SDKs.


Code generation for immutable classes that has a simple syntax/API without compromising on the features.


Lazily load and display pages of items as the user scrolls down your screen.

Most popular packages

Some of the most downloaded packages over the past 60 days


An SVG rendering and widget library for Flutter, which allows painting and displaying Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 files.


Pin code input (OTP) text field, iOS SMS autofill, Android SMS autofill One Time Code, Password, Passcode, Captcha, Security, Coupon, Wowcher, 2FA, Two step verification


Flutter library to load and cache network images. Can also be used with placeholder and error widgets.


A package that allows you to use a native file explorer to pick single or multiple absolute file paths, with extension filtering support.


Flutter plugin for Firebase Cloud Storage, a powerful, simple, and cost-effective object storage service for Android and iOS.


A cross platform plugin for displaying and scheduling local notifications for Flutter applications with the ability to customise for each platform.

Top Flutter packages

Some of the top packages that extend Flutter with new features


Flutter plugin for reading and writing simple key-value pairs. Wraps NSUserDefaults on iOS and SharedPreferences on Android.


A Flutter plugin for integrating Google Maps in iOS and Android applications.


RFC4122 (v1, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8) UUID Generator and Parser for Dart


A package for creating badges. Badges can be used for an additional marker for any widget, e.g. show a number of items in a shopping cart.


This plugin allows Flutter desktop apps to resizing and repositioning the window.


Customize Flutter's default white native splash screen with background color and splash image. Supports dark mode, full screen, and more.

Top Dart packages

Some of the top packages for any Dart-based app or program


MobX is a library for reactively managing the state of your applications. Use the power of observables, actions, and reactions to supercharge your Dart and Flutter apps.


Code generation for immutable classes that has a simple syntax/API without compromising on the features.


A composable, multi-platform, Future-based API for HTTP requests.


Recommended lints for Flutter apps, packages, and plugins to encourage good coding practices.


Code generator tool to make communication between Flutter and the host platform type-safe and easier.


A string-based path manipulation library. All of the path operations you know and love, with solid support for Windows, POSIX (Linux and Mac OS X), and the web.

Package of the Week

Package of the Week is a series of quick, animated videos, each of which covers a particular package

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feedback (Package of the Week)
feedback (Package of the Week)