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Flutter Favorites

Some of the packages that demonstrate the highest levels of quality, selected by the Flutter Ecosystem Committee


Flutter plugin for discovering the state of the network (WiFi & mobile/cellular) connectivity on Android and iOS.


A flutter package project which contains a collection of cool and beautiful text animations.


Value types with builders, Dart classes as enums, and serialization. This library is the runtime dependency.


A wrapper around InheritedWidget to make them easier to use and more reusable.

Most popular packages

Some of the most downloaded packages over the past 60 days


Utility functions and classes related to the dart:typed_data library.


Quiver is a set of utility libraries for Dart that makes using many Dart libraries easier and more convenient, or adds additional functionality.


Windows implementation of shared_preferences


Useful Unicode glyphs and ASCII substitutes.


Versions and version constraints implementing pub's versioning policy. This is very similar to vanilla semver, with a few corner cases.


A dynamic parser framework to build efficient grammars and parsers quickly.

Top Flutter packages

Some of the top packages that extend Flutter with new features


Fancy pre-built animations that can easily be integrated into any Flutter application.


A set of useful sliver tools that are missing from the flutter framework


A powerful grid layout system for Flutter, optimized for complex user interface design.


Flutter plugin for Google Sign-In, a secure authentication system for signing in with a Google account on Android and iOS.


A component that provides flip card animation. It could be used for hide and show details of a product.


A Flutter ListView that implicitly animates between the changes of two lists with the support to reorder its items.

Top Dart packages

Some of the top packages for any Dart-based app or program


A composable, multi-platform, Future-based API for HTTP requests.


A library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions, supporting real numbers, vectors, and basic interval arithmetic.


This package allows programmers to annotate Dart objects in order to serialize / deserialize them from / to JSON.


A server and browser based MQTT client for Dart supporting normal, secure sockets and websockets.


A Flutter and Dart package for using Jalali (Shamsi, Solar, Persian or Jalaali) calendar. You can convert, format and manipulate Jalali and Gregorian (Miladi) dates.


A build system for Dart code generation and modular compilation.

Package of the Week

Package of the Week is a series of quick, animated videos, each of which covers a particular package

package:html (Flutter Package of the Week)
animated_text_kit (Flutter Package of the Week)
flutter_slidable (Flutter Package of the Week)
Location (Flutter Package of the Week)