setupapi Topic

Application Installation and Servicing

Functions that a setup application calls to perform installation operations.


SetupDiDestroyDeviceInfoList(int DeviceInfoSet) int setupapi
The SetupDiDestroyDeviceInfoList function deletes a device information set and frees all associated memory. [...]
SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo(int DeviceInfoSet, int MemberIndex, Pointer<SP_DEVINFO_DATA> DeviceInfoData) int setupapi
The SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo function returns a SP_DEVINFO_DATA structure that specifies a device information element in a device information set. [...]
SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces(int DeviceInfoSet, Pointer<SP_DEVINFO_DATA> DeviceInfoData, Pointer<GUID> InterfaceClassGuid, int MemberIndex, Pointer<SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DATA> DeviceInterfaceData) int setupapi
The SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces function enumerates the device interfaces that are contained in a device information set. [...]
SetupDiGetClassDevs(Pointer<GUID> ClassGuid, Pointer<Utf16> Enumerator, int hwndParent, int Flags) int setupapi
The SetupDiGetClassDevs function returns a handle to a device information set that contains requested device information elements for a local computer. [...]
SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail(int DeviceInfoSet, Pointer<SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DATA> DeviceInterfaceData, Pointer<SP_DEVICE_INTERFACE_DETAIL_DATA_> DeviceInterfaceDetailData, int DeviceInterfaceDetailDataSize, Pointer<Uint32> RequiredSize, Pointer<SP_DEVINFO_DATA> DeviceInfoData) int setupapi
The SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail function returns details about a device interface. [...]
SetupDiOpenDevRegKey(int DeviceInfoSet, Pointer<SP_DEVINFO_DATA> DeviceInfoData, int Scope, int HwProfile, int KeyType, int samDesired) int setupapi
The SetupDiOpenDevRegKey function opens a registry key for device-specific configuration information. [...]