shell32 topic

Windows Shell APIs

Functions provided by the Windows desktop shell, including file associations, known paths, installed programs and the taskbar.


CommandLineToArgv(Pointer<Utf16> lpCmdLine, Pointer<Int32> pNumArgs) Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> shell32
Retrieves the command-line string for the current process.
ExtractAssociatedIcon(int hInst, Pointer<Utf16> pszIconPath, Pointer<Uint16> piIcon) int shell32
Gets a handle to an icon stored as a resource in a file or an icon stored in a file's associated executable file.
FindExecutable(Pointer<Utf16> lpFile, Pointer<Utf16> lpDirectory, Pointer<Utf16> lpResult) int shell32
Retrieves the name of and handle to the executable (.exe) file associated with a specific document file.
SHCreateItemFromParsingName(Pointer<Utf16> pszPath, Pointer<COMObject> pbc, Pointer<GUID> riid, Pointer<Pointer<NativeType>> ppv) int shell32
Creates and initializes a Shell item object from a parsing name.
Shell_NotifyIcon(int dwMessage, Pointer<NOTIFYICONDATA> lpData) int shell32
Sends a message to the taskbar's status area.
ShellAbout(int hWnd, Pointer<Utf16> szApp, Pointer<Utf16> szOtherStuff, int hIcon) int shell32
Displays a ShellAbout dialog box.
ShellExecute(int hwnd, Pointer<Utf16> lpOperation, Pointer<Utf16> lpFile, Pointer<Utf16> lpParameters, Pointer<Utf16> lpDirectory, int nShowCmd) int shell32
Performs an operation on a specified file.
ShellExecuteEx(Pointer<SHELLEXECUTEINFO> pExecInfo) int shell32
Performs an operation on a specified file.
SHEmptyRecycleBin(int hwnd, Pointer<Utf16> pszRootPath, int dwFlags) int shell32
Empties the Recycle Bin on the specified drive.
SHFileOperation(Pointer<SHFILEOPSTRUCT> lpFileOp) int shell32
Copies, moves, renames, or deletes a file system object.
SHFreeNameMappings(int hNameMappings) → void shell32
Frees a file name mapping object that was retrieved by the SHFileOperation function.
SHGetDesktopFolder(Pointer<Pointer<COMObject>> ppshf) int shell32
Retrieves the IShellFolder interface for the desktop folder, which is the root of the Shell's namespace.
SHGetDiskFreeSpaceEx(Pointer<Utf16> pszDirectoryName, Pointer<Uint64> pulFreeBytesAvailableToCaller, Pointer<Uint64> pulTotalNumberOfBytes, Pointer<Uint64> pulTotalNumberOfFreeBytes) int shell32
Retrieves disk space information for a disk volume.
SHGetDriveMedia(Pointer<Utf16> pszDrive, Pointer<Uint32> pdwMediaContent) int shell32
Returns the type of media that is in the given drive.
SHGetFileInfo(Pointer<Utf16> pszPath, int dwFileAttributes, Pointer<SHFILEINFO> psfi, int cbFileInfo, int uFlags) int shell32
Retrieves information about an object in the file system, such as a file, folder, directory, or drive root.
SHGetFolderPath(int hwnd, int csidl, int hToken, int dwFlags, Pointer<Utf16> pszPath) int shell32
Gets the path of a folder identified by a CSIDL value.
SHGetKnownFolderPath(Pointer<GUID> rfid, int dwFlags, int hToken, Pointer<Pointer<Utf16>> ppszPath) int shell32
Retrieves the full path of a known folder identified by the folder's KNOWNFOLDERID.
SHQueryRecycleBin(Pointer<Utf16> pszRootPath, Pointer<SHQUERYRBINFO> pSHQueryRBInfo) int shell32
Retrieves the size of the Recycle Bin and the number of items in it, for a specified drive.