DosDateTimeToVariantTime function Null safety oleaut32

int DosDateTimeToVariantTime(
  1. int wDosDate,
  2. int wDosTime,
  3. Pointer<Double> pvtime

Converts the MS-DOS representation of time to the date and time representation stored in a variant.

INT DosDateTimeToVariantTime(
  USHORT wDosDate,
  USHORT wDosTime,
  DOUBLE *pvtime


int DosDateTimeToVariantTime(
    int wDosDate, int wDosTime, Pointer<Double> pvtime) {
  final _DosDateTimeToVariantTime = _oleaut32.lookupFunction<
      Int32 Function(Uint16 wDosDate, Uint16 wDosTime, Pointer<Double> pvtime),
      int Function(int wDosDate, int wDosTime,
          Pointer<Double> pvtime)>('DosDateTimeToVariantTime');
  return _DosDateTimeToVariantTime(wDosDate, wDosTime, pvtime);