SysAllocStringLen function Null safety oleaut32

Pointer<Utf16> SysAllocStringLen(
  1. Pointer<Utf16> strIn,
  2. int ui

Allocates a new string, copies the specified number of characters from the passed string, and appends a null-terminating character.

BSTR SysAllocStringLen(
  const OLECHAR *strIn,
  UINT          ui


Pointer<Utf16> SysAllocStringLen(Pointer<Utf16> strIn, int ui) {
  final _SysAllocStringLen = _oleaut32.lookupFunction<
      Pointer<Utf16> Function(Pointer<Utf16> strIn, Uint32 ui),
      Pointer<Utf16> Function(
          Pointer<Utf16> strIn, int ui)>('SysAllocStringLen');
  return _SysAllocStringLen(strIn, ui);