SetupDiGetClassDevs function setupapi

int SetupDiGetClassDevs(
  1. Pointer<GUID> ClassGuid,
  2. Pointer<Utf16> Enumerator,
  3. int hwndParent,
  4. int Flags

The SetupDiGetClassDevs function returns a handle to a device information set that contains requested device information elements for a local computer.

HDEVINFO SetupDiGetClassDevsW(
  const GUID *ClassGuid,
  PCWSTR     Enumerator,
  HWND       hwndParent,
  DWORD      Flags


int SetupDiGetClassDevs(Pointer<GUID> ClassGuid, Pointer<Utf16> Enumerator,
        int hwndParent, int Flags) =>
    _SetupDiGetClassDevs(ClassGuid, Enumerator, hwndParent, Flags);