TaskDialogIndirect function comctl32

int TaskDialogIndirect(
  1. Pointer<TASKDIALOGCONFIG> pTaskConfig,
  2. Pointer<Int32> pnButton,
  3. Pointer<Int32> pnRadioButton,
  4. Pointer<Int32> pfVerificationFlagChecked

The TaskDialogIndirect function creates, displays, and operates a task dialog. The task dialog contains application-defined icons, messages, title, verification check box, command links, push buttons, and radio buttons. This function can register a callback function to receive notification messages.

HRESULT TaskDialogIndirect(
  const TASKDIALOGCONFIG *pTaskConfig,
  int                    *pnButton,
  int                    *pnRadioButton,
  BOOL                   *pfVerificationFlagChecked


int TaskDialogIndirect(
        Pointer<TASKDIALOGCONFIG> pTaskConfig,
        Pointer<Int32> pnButton,
        Pointer<Int32> pnRadioButton,
        Pointer<Int32> pfVerificationFlagChecked) =>
        pTaskConfig, pnButton, pnRadioButton, pfVerificationFlagChecked);