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Flutter plugin to render PDF files on Web, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

Widgets starting auto play animation when mounted. It is already possible to animate the list and icons.

Flutter plugin to render PDF pages as images on Web, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

Package including lot helpers for easy developing on dart language

Flutter plugin for works with colors schemes like a hex, hsl, xyz and cielab

Epub Parser for Dart. Epub package fork. Suitable for use on the Server, the Web, or in Flutter

Universal explorer UI for navigate files, ftp, etc. Support custom providers and any platforms c:

Convert all *.svg icons from dir to icon-font (.ttf) and generates flutter compatible dart class.

Neumorphic UI. Implementation of Neumorphism user interface consisting of sets of principles and widgets for the Flutter framework

Flutter widget for view EPUB documents on on Web, MacOs, Android and iOS. Based on dart-epub package.