Search #

Query expressions # supports the following search query expressions:

  • "exact phrase": By default, when you perform a search, the results include packages with similar phrases. When a phrase is inside quotes, you'll see only those packages that contain exactly the specified phrase.

  • package:prefix: Searches for packages that begin with prefix. Use this feature to find packages in the same framework.

  • dependency:package_name: Searches for packages that reference package_name in their pubspec.yaml.

  • dependency*:package_name: Searches for packages that depend on package_name (as direct, dev, or transitive dependencies).

Filters #

The search UI also supports filters:

  • On the left of the search bar, select 'Dart' or 'Flutter' depending on the SDK you are developing with.

  • On the right of the search bar, click the platform filter buttons to filter results to packages supporting the platforms you need support for.

  • To use platform filters for alpha platforms (e.g. Flutter Desktop), use the Advanced option on the far right of the search bar.

Ranking #

Default listings use a composite of the three scores to sort packages. The ranking is based on the composite score, and if applicable, the platform specificity and the text match score of the search team.

Legacy packages # does not expose packages that support only Dart SDK 1.x in search results or in listing pages. However, one can access these packages through their package page (/packages/<pkg>) and pub client can download them.

To search for such packages, include is:legacy in the search query.