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A internet file getter (also optional downloader) that works in all platforms


A internet file getter (also optional downloader) that works in all platforms (browsers, mobile, desktop, and server-side)


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Purpose #

The library is made to allow direct access to Internet files on all platforms. It also has the middleware to store files locally if needed. Aimed primarily at use with plugins, without the ability to work with the Internet

Getting Started #

Simple usage anywhere:

import 'package:internet_file/internet_file.dart';

final Uint8List bytes = await InternetFile.get(
    progress: (receivedLength, contentLength) {
      final percentage = receivedLength / contentLength * 100;
          'download progress: $receivedLength of $contentLength ($percentage%)');

For local store files you can usage InternetFileStorageIO (not works on web):

import 'package:internet_file/storage_io.dart';

final storageIO = InternetFileStorageIO();

await InternetFile.get(
    storage: storageIO,
    storageAdditional: storageIO.additional( 
      filename: 'ui_icons.ttf',
      location: '',

Or you can write you own storage not requires io (web support etc.):

class MyOwnInternetFileStorage extends InternetFileStorage {
  Future<Uint8List?> findExist(
    String url,
    InternetFileStorageAdditional additional,
  ) {
    # find local here

    # access you own string property:
    print(additional['my_string_property'] as String);

    # access you own any type property:
    print((additional['my_date_property'] as DateTime).toString())

  Future<void> save(
    String url,
    InternetFileStorageAdditional additional,
    Uint8List bytes,
  ) async {
    # save file here

final myOwnStorage = MyOwnInternetFileStorage();
await InternetFile.get(
    storage: myOwnStorage,
    storageAdditional: {
        'my_string_property': 'string',
        'my_int_property': 99,

Api #

InternetFile.get params

urlLink to network filerequired-
headersHeaders passed for wile loadoptional-
progressCallback with received & all bytes length progress value called when file loadsoptional-
storageImplements of InternetFileStorage with save & find local methods for saving filesoptional-
storageAdditionalAdditional args for pass to InternetFileStorage implementation passed in storageoptional{}

Full api reference available here

Credits #

Inspired by flutter_cache_manager, but make for support all platforms


  • http - for file loading from internet
  • path - for filename & location joint in InternetFileStorageIO
  • universal_file - for work File in web

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A internet file getter (also optional downloader) that works in all platforms

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