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A tool for monorepo management. Link local packages and execute commands in topological order.

multipack #

A tool for monorepo management. Link local packages and execute commands in topological order.

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This repo comes with an unpublished tool called multipack. To activate it run the following command.

pub global activate multipack

multipack provides a simple way of running commands in multiple packages at once. It builds a directed graph of packages to run commands in topological order.

Manage monorepo.

Usage: multipack <command> [arguments]

Global options:
-h, --help    Print this usage information.
-o, --only    Whitelist packages, skipping those not included for this command.
-s, --skip    Blacklist packages for this command.

Available commands:
  analyze   Run analyzer.
  exec      Execute any command.
  fmt       Run formatter.
  pub       Run pub.
  pubspec   Update pubspec.yaml.
  test      Run tests.

pubspec has 3 subcommands:

Available subcommands:
  bump-alpha      Bumps versions for alpha release.
  clean           cleans dependency overrides
  hard_override   overrides dependencies for local packages
  override        overrides dependencies for local packages
  sync-versions   Synchronizes dependency versions

Link all local packages by running

multipack pubspec override

Get all packages by running

multipack pub get

Clean up the pubspec file before publishing

multipack pubspec clean

Filtering #

multipack always recursively discovers all the packages from the current working directory to build a local dependency graph.

By default, multipack works in all the discovered packages, but that can be changed by using global options.

# only work in packages changed since `master`
multipack --since master pub --version 

# only work in packages `a`, `b` and `c`
multipack --only a,b,c fmt --version

# work in all discovered packages except `a`
multipack --skip a fmt --version

Design goals #

Make development and management of gql-dart/gql easier.

That implies the following properties:

  • knows about Dart and Flutter (in that order) tooling
  • knows about git
  • fine-tuned for use in GitHub Actions
  • packages follow a common "template"

Future plans #

# status of required tools
multipack doctor

# list packages and their names (may include more meta data)
multipack info
multipack info --format json
multipack info --format html
multipack info --format gviz

# temporarily checkout a different branch to get versions to compare to current version
multipack info --checkout stable --format json --output-file stable-info.json

# bump versions
multipack version bump patch
multipack version bump minor
multipack version bump major
multipack version bump breaking
multipack version bump pre --name alpha --with-timestamp

multipack version set 1.2.3-gamma.0+456789

multipack version --verify changelog

# link local packages
multipack dependencies link

# unlink local packages
multipack dependencies unlink

# find missing, under-promoted, over-promoted, and unused dependencies
multipack dependencies validate

# verify that local packages fall within other package dependency constraints
multipack dependencies validate-versions

# synchronize local package dependency versions
multipack dependencies sync-versions

# create new package (`gql_local_state_link`@`0.1.0`) in `./links/` from template (`gql_link`)
multipack create gql_link gql_local_state_link --version 0.1.0 --in ./links/

# Possibly hide flutter/dart differences for test and build
multipack test
multipack test --coverage
multipack build
multipack clean

singlepack #

Most of the commands also make sense in a single package context.

Other interesting tools: #

pub points



A tool for monorepo management. Link local packages and execute commands in topological order.

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ansicolor, args, collection, directed_graph, lazy_memo, meta, path, pub_semver, pubspec


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