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A tool for studying and visualizing Dart package dependencies.

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pkgraph #

This tool allows the user to gather Dart package data from a pub server or local package and load the dependency graph into a Neo4j database. It is a work-in-progress, additional documentation will be forthcoming.

For now, it works, though it isn't terrible efficient.

Running #

To run, just give it a package name and let it churn for awhile.

Note that right now you'll need to have Neo4j running on localhost, and it will need to have authentication turned off. There is a script in the scripts/ directory that will run Neo4j, appropriately configured, in a Docker container.

pub run pkgraph w_common

It is also possible to start your traversal at a local package or application that may not be published to a pub server. Just pass the --local flag and any package names you pass will be interpreted as local paths to directories that contain pubspec.yaml files, presumably Dart packages.

pub run pkgraph --local projects/secret_dart_app

If you're interested in the actual dependency versions resulting from the pub solver, it is possible to create SOLVED_TO edges between the version of the package you're interested in and the solved dependency versions. Note that it is only possible to do this with a local package since it requires the pubspec.lock file.

pub run pkgraph --local --solved projects/secret_dart_app

Example Queries #

Once you have some data loaded into a Neo4j database, what can you do with it? There are some examples that might be useful or inspirational.

match (:Package {name: "w_common"})
return distinct

The query above will find all packages that are depended upon by at least one version of the w_common package.

match (:Source {url: ""})<-[:HOSTED_ON]-
      (:Package {name: "state_machine"})-[:HAS_VERSION]->
      (:Package {name: "w_common"})
return state_machine.version as state_machine,
       collect(w_common.version) as w_common

This query will display a table of each available version of the state_machine that depends on the w_common package along with the possible versions of the w_common package that it can use.

match (p:Package)-[:HAS_VERSION]-(v:Version)
where v.dart2 = true
return as package, collect(v.version) as versions
order by asc

Dart 2 is out, have you heard? This query returns all the packages that support Dart 2 and a list of specific versions that for each.

Known Issues #

In theory, the queries the tool runs should be idempotent, and should just update nodes with new data. This means you should be able to run it against an already-populated database without any trouble.

However, I haven't verified this and there are no tests for it, so it is probably safer to blow away your database before re-running. Or you could add a test suite, whatever suits you.

Future Work #

In addition to the work items listed below, there are, let's say ample, additional items sprinkled throughout the source code.

  1. Handle git dependencies
  2. Parse author strings when possible to separate the name and email
  3. Allow a combination of local, pub, and even git packages
  4. Serialize the package version cache for reuse on subsequent runs

Feel free to report issues if you find bugs or have suggestions to improve the tool.

Roadmap #

Eventually the tool should be able to run as a cron job and pull in a variety of packages of mixed type (local, public, and private). I'd like it to also be able to execute a handful of potentially useful queries and display results in a reasonable fashion. A nifty web interface to view those results and maybe even control the tool itself would be bonus points.

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A tool for studying and visualizing Dart package dependencies.

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