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A simple widget to paint with your fingers. Supports setting a background color, undo and export to png!
Translates dart:ffi calls on the web to WebAssembly using dart:js
Loads a DynamicLibrary of opus for usage with opus_dart on flutter platforms.
Import and use javascript libraries or code in your dart2js or flutter web projects
A flutter plugin to connect to a users wallet like phantom, solflare, etc.
A Mumble transport client framework supporting multiple Mumble features such as fully encrypted udp transport or user management
Wraps libopus in dart, and additionally provides a dart friendly API for encoding and decoding
An implementation of the homie convention 4.0 with extension support in dart. Also features the homie legacy stats, homie legacy firmeware and epnw meta extensions.
A common platform interface for the opus_flutter plugin.
Android implementation of the opus_flutter plugin.