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A flutter plugin to connect to a users wallet like phantom, solflare, etc.

solana_wallets_flutter #

This plugin allows to connect to the solana wallet of a user in a web browser like phantom, solflare, sollet and many more.

It wraps and includes solanas official @solana/wallet-adapter-wallets. The wallet can then be used to sign transactions directly in flutter. Additionally you can pass the wallet adapter object to JavaScript and to work with it there, while providing all ui in flutter.

Currently this plugin wraps @solana/wallet-adapter-wallets version 0.19.15 and provides access to all wallet adapters included in this version. If there is an other version you want to use, see tool/ to learn how to build it yourself.

Theory needed to understand the API doc #

In flutter web the js package can be used to manipulate JavaScript objects what is done by this plugin. We can also use the js package to call JavaScript functions. Furthermore there exists objects that are of the Object type in flutter, but "are linked to" or "proxy" a JavaScript object. We can now call a function using the js package and use a "proxied" object as parameter. The JavaScript function then has access to the "real" object. The term "pass the wallet adapter object to JavaScript" from above means just that.

UI #

The library solana_wallets_flutter_ui contains functions to show a dialog where the user can pick the preffered wallet. You don't have to use it and can create your own dialog.

Usage #

These are the usual steps to use this plugin:

  • Call (but not await) initSolanaWallets from the solana_wallets_flutter library in the main method of your project
  • Call getWalletAdaptersWhenInitalized from the solana_wallets_flutter library to get the adapter list and optionally filter the returned list to exclude adapters you don't want to support in your dApp
  • Call showWalletSelectDialog from solana_wallets_flutter_ui with the (filtered) adapter list to let the user choose a wallet from a dialog or build your own system to let the user decide on a wallet to use
  • You now have the BaseWalletAdapter the user wants to use, call addListener on it to watch the walletState. IMPORTANT: If you are done with the adapter, call removeListener OR YOU MIGHT RUN INTO PERFORMANCE ISSUES!
  • Call connect on it, the users browser will open the wallets extension or popup where the users has to accept your dApp
  • The future from connect either completes or throws an error. Once it's complete you might want to check walletState again to see if you are connected. If you have registered a listener, it should have fired if the walletState changed
  • You can now use the BaseWalletAdapter in flutter or pass it's js property to JavaScript and do stuff with it there

Usage in JavaScript #

Make sure to read the "theory" section above first. All child classes of Adapter (which BaseWalletAdapter also is) contain a js property which is a proxied JavaScript object of the wallet adapter. You can pass this js property to JavaScript and used it there, e.g. in conjunction with anchor. There you would use the js property as wallet parameter to create an AnchorProvider.

Here is some code do summarize this. Assume you loaded the following JavaScript into the browser:

import { AnchorProvider } from '@coral-xyz/anchor';
import { Connection } from '@solana/web3.js';

function doSomething(wallet) {
    const url = '';
    const provider = new AnchorProvider(new Connection(url), wallet, {});
    //do something related to your project with the provider

const my_project = {
    'doSomething': doSomething

if (window.dartInteropt == undefined) {
    window.dartInteropt = new Object();

window.dartInteropt.my_project = my_project;

Then you can interact with it from dart using the js property of Adapter like:

library my_project;

import 'package:js/js.dart';
import 'package:solana_wallets_flutter/solana_wallets_flutter.dart';

external void _doSomething(Object wallet);

void main() async {
  BaseWalletAdapter phantom = await getPhantom();

Future<BaseWalletAdapter> getPhantom() async {
    // ...
    // get the phantom wallet and connect it,
    // see example/lib/main.dart how to do this!

To get a better unterstanding of what's going on here, read the documentation of the js package.

Usage in flutter #

This plugin only provides access to the users wallet, it is out of scope to create or send transactions. The BaseWalletAdapter has a sendTransaction method, but this is just a proxied JavaScript function and explained in detail in its API documentation (make sure to read the "theory" section to understand it), so it might be hard to use this function with "pure" flutter (because it requires you to provide a JavaScript @solana/web3.js/Connection object). However, you can use a package like solana to create and send transactions, and solana_wallets_flutter to sign it using the users wallet. In order to do so you need a BaseSignerWalletAdapter. Most adapters returned by getWalletAdaptersWhenInitalized are actually of this type (so you can cast them). Then, take a look at BaseSignerWalletAdapter.signTransaction and BaseSignerWalletAdapter.signAllTransactions. The example also demonstrates this (see example/lib/transaction_example.dart).

Examples #

The examples folder contains a project demonstrating how to connect a wallet. It also demonstrates how to use the solana dart package to create a transaction, sign it with solana_wallets_flutter and send it with the solana package. If you want to see a solana dApp that is written in flutter and uses this plugin, take a look at

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A flutter plugin to connect to a users wallet like phantom, solflare, etc.

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