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libopus wrappers for flutter based on opus_dart, but with Android and iOS opus binaries included.

opus_flutter #

libopus wrappers for flutter based on opus_dart. To understand, how this plugin works, take a look at opus_dart first!

Versioning #

Current libopus version: 1.3.1

The current libopus version is determined by the underlying opus_dart package. The major and minor version of this plugin will always match the opus_dart package, the patch version may be increased independently on small fixes. To lock on a specific version of opus, see the Versioning section of opus_dart.

Usage #

All functions and libraries have the same signature as in opus_dart, so you can use them interchangeably. Just replace package:opus_dart with package:opus_flutter when importing.

The only difference is, that the library parameter of all init functions is now optional. Instead of using the library parameter, opus_flutter tries to load the version of libopus build into this plugin. This will only work on Android and iOS. You still have to call the init functions of the wrappers (if you want to use them) and the initOpus function of the opus_dart library, you just don't need the parameter on Android and iOS!

If you want to use this plugin on additional flutter platforms, you have to load an instance of libopus on the platform manually and pass it to the init functions. If you want to use opus with flutter BUT NOT with Android nor iOS, do not use this plugin, but the original opus_dart instead.

If you need a reference to the build-in libopus as DynamicLibrary, you can use the loader library.

How this package was build #

This section describes how libopus was build into this plugin. Most users don't need to care about this section, it serves merely documentational purpose.

Android #

The instructions from libopus-Android.mk where used to set up opus for Android. Then, the .git folder of opus was deleted, so that the opus source files are included in this repo.

iOS [WIP] #

Currently, you have to build opus for iOS on your own since we don't know a way to automate this for you (suggestions welcomed!). To do this, clone Chris Ballingers Opus-iOS repository.

  • Edit the included build-libopus.sh: Change the VERSION variable to match the current opus version (currently 1.3.1) and adjust the SDKVERSION and MINIOSVERSION (at least 9.0) to satisfy our needs.
  • Run build-libopus.sh from the command line.
  • Open opus/opus.xcodeproj
  • Select Generic iOS Device as Universal Target and press run to build the framework
  • Open the .packages file of the flutter project you want to include opus and find the path of opus_flutter (The path will point you to a lib folder, we call the parent folder of the lib folder opus_flutter_root)
  • Move the generated opus.framework folder to opus_flutter_root/ios
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libopus wrappers for flutter based on opus_dart, but with Android and iOS opus binaries included.

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