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Secure Storage: Encrypted data store optionally secured by biometric lock with support for iOS, Android, MacOS. Partial support for Linux, Windows and web (localStorage).

Logging appenders for the dart logging package for print, file and remote (logz, loki).

Flutter plugin to allow users to open files/documents which can be read, and written back at a later time as well as creating new files on external media.

Flutter desktop plugin for managing secure bookmarks to access files in sandbox.

Code generator to simplify generating analytics tracking events. Turns stub methods into tracking calls for fire base analytics, google analytics, etc.

Open API base implementation for client/server to be used with openapi_code_builder.

SMTP Server library for dart. Meant as a simple way to receive emails behind a postfix server.

Flutter plugin to handle app reviews with SKStoreReviewController, generate app store links and open them for iOS or android.

Flutter data storage based on simple json files with support for multiple storage instances, streams, etc.

Annotations for methods and strings to mark them as non-translatable.