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Flutter plugin for accepting incoming links - App/Deep Links (Android), Universal Links and Custom URL schemes (iOS).

MobX is a library for reactively managing the state of your applications. Use the power of observables, actions, and reactions to supercharge your Dart and Flutter apps.

A pdf producer for Dart. It can create pdf files for both web or flutter.

Flutter plugin for sharing content via the platform share UI, using the ACTION_SEND intent on Android and UIActivityViewController on iOS.

Provides APIs for debugging and error logging, similar to loggers in other languages, such as the Closure JS Logger and java.util.logging.Logger.

Lock mechanism to prevent concurrent access to asynchronous code.

A list with helper methods to programmatically scroll to an item.

A flutter package to let users easily add a dashed border around any widget.

A flutter implementation of React hooks. It adds a new kind of widget with enhanced code reuse.

Simple and robust Searchable Dropdown with item search feature, making it possible to use an offline item list or filtering URL for easy customization.

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