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KDebugTools is a powerful library for debugging Flutter applications.

KDebugTools #

KDebugTools is a powerful library for debugging Flutter applications




You can access these features via WebBrowser #

  • Check App and device information
  • File management, transfer and preview
  • Directly edit the shared preferences or database values
  • Recording or throttling network with Flutter HttpClient
  • Fetch logs of application
  • View attributes of Flutter Widget
  • Controlling the Flutter navigator
  • Directly edit the device clipboard
  • Cast and record device screen (Android only)

All these features work without rooting your device or USB connection #

Usage #

Import the package #

  k_debug_tools: ^1.0.0

Use the plugin #

See the example directory for a complete sample app using KDebugTools.

You should be able to use package:k_debug_tools almost as normal.

First of all, you must init the plugin with code like this:

      autoStartWebServer: true,
      autoStartHttpHook: true);

Show floating button #


Show debugger panel #


Warning #

Web tools of this project uses Google Analytics to anonymously report feature usage statistics. This data is used to help improve this project over time.