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A package to include fonts from in your Flutter app.

Flutter plugin for Google Sign-In, a secure authentication system for signing in with a Google account on Android and iOS.

A Flutter plugin to play multiple audio files simultaneously

Plugin that allows Flutter apps to generate and print documents to compatible printers on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as web print.

Flutter PDF Viewer library is used to display a PDF document seamlessly and efficiently.

A new Flutter package for handle google place api that place search and details and photos and autocomplete and query autocomplete requests are available

A feature-rich cross-platform webview using webview_flutter for mobile and iframe for web. JS interop-ready.

URL preview extracted from the provided text with basic customization and ability to render from cached data.

A Flutter Maps library for creating beautiful, interactive, and customizable maps from shape files or WMTS services to visualize the geographical area.

Flutter library for interacting with OAuth2 servers, with classes for transparent authorized requests, secure OAuth token storage, automatic token refeshing.

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