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An extended Icon "too" for those that are not actually square, plus shadows support + neat Icon extension operators.
Wrap a widget with Foil, providing a rainbow shimmer that twinkles as the accelerometer moves as well as tons of neat gradient features.
Shapeable, layered, intrinsincally animated container with convenient access to blurry ImageFilters, InkResponse, and HapticFeedback.
Implement accelerometer and pointer or touch fueled parallax animations with a bespoke XL layering paradigm. Gyroscope supported.
A delightfully bouncy and position-mirroring reaction to user input on a piece of Material. Totally customizable.
A simple helper for generating outstanding neumorphic-conforming designs.
Flutter extensions on `BoxShadow`s and `List`s of them, as well helper methods for converting a `double` => Material "elevation" shadows.
A rainbow of Color and Gradient utilities. Interpolate gradients with a realized GradientTween. New type Steps & shaded varieties. Color generation & operators.
Super simple scrim Curtains, or shadow decorations, by wrapping a scrollable child, alluding to unrevealed content while not at the start or end.
Easily paint mirror-tiling images for seamless edge-to-edge textures from any source. Defines Repeat, an expansion on ImageRepeat that enables mirroring, as well as the Widgets, extensions, and method [...]