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Support for ISO 8859 / Latin and Windows character encodings / charsets / codecs missing from `dart:convert`.

IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for email developers. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing. Parse and generate MIME messages. Discover email settings.

Runtime solution for serializing to and deserializing from JSON. enough_serialization also supports non-generic lists, enums and complex nested objects.

Generates ASCII art using image to ASCII, FIGlet text banner support and emoticon to text conversions.

Slim HTML editor for Flutter with full API control and optional Flutter-based widget controls.

Generate HTML from an email mime message. Eases handling of `MimeMessage` in the `enough_mail` package.

Extensible collection of media viewers for preview and interactive experiences.

Widgets for email apps that use the `enough_mail` library. Licensed commercially friendly under MPL 2.0.

Experimental client for COI apps. [COI](https://coi-dev.org) is a server and client standard for messaging based on email.


Experimental library for creating command line apps.