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Useful platform aware widgets to develop a Flutter app with either Cupertino and Material design.

enough_platform_widgets #

enough_platform_widgets version

More cross platform widgets for Flutter developers.

Based on these great packages:

Licensed commercially friendly under the MIT License.

Installation #

Add this as a dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

  enough_platform_widgets: ^1.0.0

Flutter Versions #

  • Use 1.0 or higher for Flutter 3.16+
  • Use 0.7.4 for previous Flutter versions

Platform Widgets and Methods #

Platform widgets use their material or cupertino equivalent based on the chosen platform.

  • DecoratedPlatformTextField provides a cross platform replacement for the material TextField
  • DensePlatformIconButton replaces the material IconButton
  • DialogHelper helps to show platform specific dialogs
  • PlatformBottomBar shows a BottomAppBar on material and a CupertinoBar on cupertino
  • PlatformCheckboxListTile is a platform aware simple checkbox list tile
  • PlatformChip a simple cross-platform Chip replacement
  • PlatformDialogActionButton is a platform aware dialog action
  • PlatformDialogActionText provides a platform aware dialog action text
  • PlatformDropdownButton is a replacement for the material DropdownButton
  • PlatformFilledButtonIcon uses an ElevatedButton.filled on material and a CupertinoButton.filled on cupertino
  • PlatformInkWell is a rectangular area of a that responds to touch and is based either on InkWell or on CupertinoInkWell
  • PlatformPageScaffold provides a PlatformScaffold with the additional option to define a bottom bar.
  • PlatformPopupButton uses an action sheet on cupertino and a popup button on material.
  • PlatformProgressIndicator uses a CircularProgressIndicator on material and a CupertinoActivityIndicator on cupertino
  • PlatformRadioListTile provides a RadioListTile implementation for both material and cupertino
  • PlatformSliverAppBar uses a SliverAppBar on material or a CupertinoSliverNavigationBar on cupertino
  • PlatformSnackApp is a base app that allows to show SnackBars on cupertino as well
  • PlatformStepper abstracts the Stepper material widget
  • PlatformTextButtonIcon is a simple replacement for TextButton.icon
  • PlatformToggleButtons provides a platform aware ToggleButtons replacement
  • PlatformToolbar provides a toolbar option
  • SelectablePlatformListTile provides a ListTile implementation for both material and cupertino
  • showPlatformTimePicker() displays a platform aware time picker
  • showPlatformDatePicker() displays a platform aware date picker
  • Additionally, all flutter_platform_widgets are available.

Cupertino Widgets #

Currently the following cupertino widgets are provided:

  • CupertinoBar is a simple cupertino bar that either blurs the background or provides a translucent background
  • CupertinoCheckboxListTile provides a simple cupertino style checkbox list tile
  • CupertinoChip is a cupertino version of the material Chip widget
  • CupertinoDropdownButton maps the basic dropdown feature to a CupertinoPicker
  • CupertinoInkWell is a rectangular area of a that responds to touch
  • CupertinoMultipleSegmentedControl is like the CupertinoSegmentedControl but it allows to select several segments at once
  • CupertinoPageScaffoldWithToolbar provides a scaffold with the option to define a toolbar widget
  • CupertinoPageWithBar is a simple page with a bar that can be aligned top/bottom/left/right
  • CupertinoRadioListTile provides a simple cupertino style radio list tile
  • CupertinoSearchFlowTextField displays a CupertinoSearchTextField with the expected UX flow that switches to a full-screen experience once editing starts
  • CupertinoSnackApp is a CupertinoApp that also allows to display snack bar messages
  • CupertinoToolbar a simple wrapper for a cupertino toolbar widget

API Documentation #

Check out the full API documentation at https://pub.dev/documentation/enough_platform_widgets/latest/

Thanks to all Contributors!! #

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Useful platform aware widgets to develop a Flutter app with either Cupertino and Material design.

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