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IMAP, POP3 and SMTP email clients in pure Dart. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing.

Experimental IMAP, POP3 and SMTP clients for Dart developers.

Available under the commercial friendly MPL Mozilla Public License 2.0.

High Level API Usage #

A simple usage example for using the high level API:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:enough_mail/enough_mail.dart';

String userName = 'user.name';
String password = 'password';

void main() async {
  await mailExample();

Future<void> mailExample() async {
  var email = userName + '@domain.com';
  var config = await Discover.discover(email);
  var account =
      MailAccount.fromDiscoveredSetings('my account', email, password, config);
  var mailClient = MailClient(account, isLogEnabled: true);
  await mailClient.connect();
  var mailboxesResponse =
      await mailClient.listMailboxesAsTree(createIntermediate: false);
  if (mailboxesResponse.isOkStatus) {
    await mailClient.selectInbox();
    var fetchResponse = await mailClient.fetchMessages(count: 20);
    if (fetchResponse.isOkStatus) {
      for (var msg in fetchResponse.result) {
  mailClient.eventBus.on<MailLoadEvent>().listen((event) {
    print('New message at ${DateTime.now()}:');

Low Level Usage #

A simple usage example for using the low level API:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:enough_mail/enough_mail.dart';

String userName = 'user.name';
String password = 'password';
String imapServerHost = 'imap.domain.com';
int imapServerPort = 993;
bool isImapServerSecure = true;
String popServerHost = 'pop.domain.com';
int popServerPort = 995;
bool isPopServerSecure = true;
String smtpServerHost = 'smtp.domain.com';
int smtpServerPort = 465;
bool isSmtpServerSecure = true;

void main() async {
  await discoverExample();
  await imapExample();
  await smtpExample();
  await popExample();

Future<void> discoverExample() async {
  var email = 'someone@enough.de';
  var config = await Discover.discover(email, isLogEnabled: false);
  if (config == null) {
    print('Unable to discover settings for $email');
  } else {
    print('Settings for $email:');
    for (var provider in config.emailProviders) {
      print('provider: ${provider.displayName}');
      print('provider-domains: ${provider.domains}');
      print('documentation-url: ${provider.documentationUrl}');

Future<void> imapExample() async {
  var client = ImapClient(isLogEnabled: false);
  await client.connectToServer(imapServerHost, imapServerPort,
      isSecure: isImapServerSecure);
  var loginResponse = await client.login(userName, password);
  if (loginResponse.isOkStatus) {
    var listResponse = await client.listMailboxes();
    if (listResponse.isOkStatus) {
      print('mailboxes: ${listResponse.result}');
    var inboxResponse = await client.selectInbox();
    if (inboxResponse.isOkStatus) {
      // fetch 10 most recent messages:
      var fetchResponse = await client.fetchRecentMessages(
          messageCount: 10, criteria: 'BODY.PEEK[]');
      if (fetchResponse.isOkStatus) {
        var messages = fetchResponse.result.messages;
        for (var message in messages) {
    await client.logout();

Future<void> smtpExample() async {
  var client = SmtpClient('enough.de', isLogEnabled: true);
  await client.connectToServer(smtpServerHost, smtpServerPort,
      isSecure: isSmtpServerSecure);
  var ehloResponse = await client.ehlo();
  if (!ehloResponse.isOkStatus) {
    print('SMTP: unable to say helo/ehlo: ${ehloResponse.message}');
  var loginResponse = await client.login('user.name', 'password');
  if (loginResponse.isOkStatus) {
    var builder = MessageBuilder.prepareMultipartAlternativeMessage();
    builder.from = [MailAddress('My name', 'sender@domain.com')];
    builder.to = [MailAddress('Your name', 'recipient@domain.com')];
    builder.subject = 'My first message';
    builder.addTextPlain('hello world.');
    builder.addTextHtml('<p>hello <b>world</b></p>');
    var mimeMessage = builder.buildMimeMessage();
    var sendResponse = await client.sendMessage(mimeMessage);
    print('message sent: ${sendResponse.isOkStatus}');

Future<void> popExample() async {
  var client = PopClient(isLogEnabled: false);
  await client.connectToServer(popServerHost, popServerPort,
      isSecure: isPopServerSecure);
  var loginResponse = await client.login(userName, password);
  //var loginResponse = await client.loginWithApop(userName, password); // optional different login mechanism
  if (loginResponse.isOkStatus) {
    var statusResponse = await client.status();
    if (statusResponse.isOkStatus) {
          'status: messages count=${statusResponse.result.numberOfMessages}, messages size=${statusResponse.result.totalSizeInBytes}');
      var listResponse =
          await client.list(statusResponse.result.numberOfMessages);
          'last message: id=${listResponse.result?.first?.id} size=${listResponse.result?.first?.sizeInBytes}');
      var retrieveResponse =
          await client.retrieve(statusResponse.result.numberOfMessages);
      if (retrieveResponse.isOkStatus) {
      } else {
        print('last message could not be retrieved');
      retrieveResponse =
          await client.retrieve(statusResponse.result.numberOfMessages + 1);
          'trying to retrieve newer message succeeded: ${retrieveResponse.isOkStatus}');
  await client.quit();

void printMessage(MimeMessage message) {
  print('from: ${message.from} with subject "${message.decodeSubject()}"');
  if (!message.isTextPlainMessage()) {
    print(' content-type: ${message.mediaType}');
  } else {
    var plainText = message.decodeTextPlainPart();
    if (plainText != null) {
      var lines = plainText.split('\r\n');
      for (var line in lines) {
        if (line.startsWith('>')) {
          // break when quoted text starts

Installation #

Add this dependency your pubspec.yaml file:

  enough_mail: ^0.0.30

The latest version or enough_mail is enough_mail version.

Miss a feature or found a bug? #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Contribute #

Want to contribute? Please check out contribute. This is an open-source community project. Anyone, even beginners, can contribute.

This is how you contribute:

  • Fork the enough_mail project by pressing the fork button.
  • Clone your fork to your computer: git clone github.com/$your_username/enough_mail
  • Do your changes. When you are done, commit changes with git add -A and git commit.
  • Push changes to your personal repository: git push origin
  • Go to enough_mail and create a pull request.

Thank you in advance!

Done #

The following IMAP extensions are supported:

Supported encodings #

Character encodings:

  • ASCII (7bit)
  • UTF-8 (uft8, 8bit)
  • ISO-8859-1 (latin-1)

Transfer encodings:

To do #

Develop and Contribute #

  • To start check out the package and then run pub run test to run all tests.
  • Public facing library classes are in lib, lib/imap and lib/smtp.
  • Private classes are in lib/src.
  • Test cases are in test.
  • Please file a pull request for each improvement/fix that you are create - your contributions are welcome.
  • Check out https://github.com/enough-Software/enough_mail/contribute for good first issues.
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IMAP, POP3 and SMTP email clients in pure Dart. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing.

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