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Z_Components is a package that contains a set of standardized components to facilitate, optimize, and accelerate the development of Zellar company's Android / IOS applications.

Z_Components #

Z_Components is a package composed by a series of components whose goal is to facilitate, optimize and accelerate the development of iOS and Android applications by Zellar.

These components are based on the company's internal StyleGuide, which was created from Cupertino and Material Design principles, in the intent to match them with Zellar's visual identity.

A small example of how to use: #

import 'package:z_components/components/z_button.dart';
import 'package:z_components/components/z_picker.dart';

          new ZButton(
                zButtonType: ZButtonType.isOutlined,
                onPressed: () {
                  new ZPicker(
                    context: context,
                    initialDate: DateTime.now(),
                    lastDate: DateTime(2090),
                    firstDate: DateTime(1090),
                    onTimerDurationChanged: (date) {
                text: "Outlined"),