inngage_plugin 1.0.4
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The inngage plugin to flutter apps.

pub package

inngage_plugin #

This SDK inf lutter aims to enable integration with the Inngage platform

Add the plugin to your project #

  • Open the pubspec.yaml
  • add to the dependencies section

Access here to see the official documentation on the inngage website


How to use #

  final json = {
    "nome": "test",
    "dt_nascimento": "01/09/1970",
    "genero": "M",
    "cartao": "N",
    "ultimo_abastecimento": "10/09/2018",
    "total_abastecido": "290,00"

  final inngageWebViewProperties = InngageWebViewProperties(
    appBarText: Text(
    backgroundColor: Colors.white,
    debuggingEnabled: true,
    withJavascript: true,
    withLocalStorage: true,
    withZoom: true,
await InngageSDK.subscribe(
    appToken: 'AppToken',
    friendlyIdentifier: '',
    customFields: json,
    navigatorKey: navigatorKey,
    inngageWebViewProperties: inngageWebViewProperties,

Call subscribe() on a InngageSDK to request it.