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A Flutter package that can be used to extract the locales that are currently defined on a device with the current locale set as the first in the list.

devicelocale #

Gets the device locale data, independent of the app locale settings.

Usage #

import 'package:devicelocale/devicelocale.dart';


List languages = await Devicelocale.preferredLanguages;
String locale = await Devicelocale.currentLocale;

this should return a list of the preferred/current language locales setup on the device, with the current one being the first in the list or just the currently set device locale.

Android specific implementation (no-op on other platforms) #

Added per-app language preferences for Android ( You can check if your current device is supported isLanguagePerAppSettingSupported And after checking if your device is supported you can set the per-app language preference with setLanguagePerApp(Locale) this will return true if success

Note for Linux #

Since GNU/Linux and POSIX doesn't provide a standard API for getting the preferred languages, Devicelocale.preferredLanguages always returns the current locale.

Updates #

Sept 2023 #

merged pull request for compatibility with AGP 8

Feb 2023 #

Added 2 new functions for this iOS issue

  • defaultLocale
  • defaultAsLocale

July 2022 #

Added support for per-app language preferences on Android ( You can now set the per-app language if you have an in app language picker. Updated the demo app

May 2022 #

Merged pull requests

Oct 2021 #

Updated the code and APIs used by Flutter for an Android plugin - this was the source of the Deprecated API warning in the Android build.

July 2021 #

Add beta support for Linux

March 2021 #

Added test support for web

Updated for null safety

Jul 2020 Locale update v0.3.1 #

This is an update from a received request, where prior to 0.3.1 the 2 methods:

  • preferredLanguages
  • currentLocale

returned string values.

There are now 2 equivilent methods

  • preferredLanguagesAsLocales
  • currentAsLocale

that now also return a Locale object rather than a string.

releases #

  • March 2021 1.0.0 Updated to null safety

  • July 2020 0.3.0 Updated Android to support Android Embedding V2

  • Apr 2020 0.2.3 Updated Android code from contributions from @ened

  • Mar 2020 0.2.2 Updated iOS so that if detected locale is null then it is not included in return value

  • Sep 2019 0.2.0 Updated Android following feedback from . Fallback to the currentLocale when attempting to get a list of locales fro Android 7 and below as the getLocales() call is a feature of API 24 and failed for Android 7 and below.

Getting Started #

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation, which offers tutorials, samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.

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A Flutter package that can be used to extract the locales that are currently defined on a device with the current locale set as the first in the list.

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