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Dio HTTP cache interceptor with multiple stores respecting HTTP directives (or not).


Dio HTTP cache interceptor with multiple stores respecting HTTP directives (or not).

HTTP directives: #

Cache triggersETag
max-age (Cache-Control)
Cache freshnessDate (response date otherwise)
max-age (Cache-Control)
Cache commutatorsno-cache (Cache-Control)
no-store (Cache-Control)

Stores #

  • BackupCacheStore: Combined store with primary and secondary.
  • DbCacheStore: Cache with database (Moor) Get it.
  • FileCacheStore: Cache with file system (no web support obviously).
  • HiveCacheStore: Cache using Hive package (available on all platforms) Get it.
  • MemCacheStore: Volatile cache with LRU strategy.

DbCacheStore: #

  • Android - iOS support: Add sqlite3_flutter_libs as dependency in your app (version 0.4.0+1 or later).
  • Desktop support: Follow Moor install documentation.
  • Web support: You must include 'sql.js' library. Follow Moor install documentation for further info.

Usage #

import 'package:dio_cache_interceptor/dio_cache_interceptor.dart';

// Global options
final options = const CacheOptions(
  // A default store is required for interceptor.
  store: MemCacheStore(),
  // Default.
  policy: CachePolicy.request,
  // Optional. Returns a cached response on error but for statuses 401 & 403.
  hitCacheOnErrorExcept: [401, 403],
  // Optional. Overrides any HTTP directive to delete entry past this duration.
  maxStale: const Duration(days: 7),
  // Default. Allows 3 cache sets and ease cleanup.
  priority: CachePriority.normal,
  // Default. Body and headers encryption with your own algorithm.
  cipher: null,
  // Default. Key builder to retrieve requests.
  keyBuilder: CacheOptions.defaultCacheKeyBuilder,
  // Default. Allows to cache POST requests.
  // Overriding [keyBuilder] is strongly recommended.
  allowPostMethod: false,

// Add cache interceptor with global/default options
final dio = Dio()..interceptors.add(DioCacheInterceptor(options: options));

// ...

// Requesting with global options => status(200)
var response = await dio.get('http://www.foo.com');
// Requesting with global options => status(304)
response = await dio.get('http://www.foo.com');

// Requesting by modifying policy with refresh option
// for this single request => status(200)
response = await dio.get('http://www.foo.com',
  options: options.copyWith(policy: CachePolicy.refresh).toOptions(),

Options #

CacheOptions is widely available on interceptor and on requests to take precedence.

See documentation for all properties.

Encryption #

Optionally, you can encrypt body and headers with your own algorithm via CacheCipher.

Cache policy #

enum CachePolicy {
  /// Forces to return the cached value if available.
  /// Requests otherwise.
  /// Caches response regardless directives.

  /// Requests regardless cache availability.
  /// Caches response regardless directives.
  /// In short, you'll save every successful GET requests.

  /// Requests and skips cache save even if
  /// response has cache directives.

  /// Requests regardless cache availability.
  /// Caches if response has cache directives.

  /// Returns the cached value if available (and un-expired).
  /// Checks against origin server otherwise and updates cache freshness
  /// with returned headers.
  /// Requests otherwise and caches if response has directives.

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

License #


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Dio HTTP cache interceptor with multiple stores respecting HTTP directives (or not).

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