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Strongly-typed form handlers and validators for the Angel framework.

validate #

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Strongly-typed form handlers and validators for Angel.

Validation library based on the matcher library, with Angel support. Why re-invent the wheel, when you can use the same validators you already use for tests?

For convenience's sake, this library also exports matcher.

Field #

The basic unit is the Field class, which is a type-safe way to read values from a RequestContext. Here is a simple example of using a TextField instance to read a value from the URL query parameters:

app.get('/hello', (req, res) async {
  var nameField = TextField('name');
  var name = await nameField.getValue(req, query: true); // String
  return 'Hello, $name!';

There are several included field types:

  • TextField
  • BoolField
  • NumField
  • DoubleField
  • IntField
  • DateTimeField
  • FileField
  • ImageField

Forms #

The Form class lets you combine Field instances, and decode request bodies into Map<String, dynamic>. Unrecognized fields are stripped out of the body, so a Form is effectively a whitelist.

var todoForm = Form(fields: [

// Validate a request body, and deserialize it immediately.
var todo = await todoForm.deserialize(req, TodoSerializer.fromMap);

// Same as above, but with a Codec<Todo, Map> (i.e. via `angel_serialize`).
var todo = await todoForm.decode(req, todoSerializer);

// Lower-level functionality, typically not called directly.
// Use it if you want to handle validation errors directly, without
// throwing exceptions.

class _Todo {
  String text;
  bool isComplete;

Form Rendering #

TODO: Docs about this

Bundled Matchers #

This library includes some Matchers for common validations, including:

  • isAlphaDash: Asserts that a String is alphanumeric, but also lets it contain dashes or underscores.
  • isAlphaNum: Asserts that a String is alphanumeric.
  • isBool: Asserts that a value either equals true or false.
  • isEmail: Asserts that a String complies to the RFC 5322 e-mail standard.
  • isInt: Asserts that a value is an int.
  • isNum: Asserts that a value is a num.
  • isString: Asserts that a value is a String.
  • isNonEmptyString: Asserts that a value is a non-empty String.
  • isUrl: Asserts that a String is an HTTPS or HTTP URL.

The remaining functionality is effectively implemented by the matcher package.

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Strongly-typed form handlers and validators for the Angel framework.

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angel_framework, duration, html_builder, http_parser, image, matcher


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