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A high-powered HTTP server with dependency injection, routing and much more.

2.1.1 #

  • AngelHttp.uri now returns an empty Uri if the server is not listening.

2.1.0 #

  • This release was originally planned to be 2.0.5, but it adds several features, and has therefore been bumped to 2.1.0.
  • Fix a new (did not appear before 2.6/2.7) type error causing compilation to fail.

2.0.5-beta #

2.0.4+1 #

  • Run Controller.configureRoutes before mounting @Expose routes.
  • Make Controller.configureServer always return a Future.

2.0.4 #

  • Prepare for Dart SDK change to Stream<List<int>> that are now Stream<Uint8List>.
  • Accept any content type if accept header is missing. See this PR.

2.0.3 #

2.0.2+1 #

  • Fix a bug in the implementation of Controller.applyRoutes.

2.0.2 #

  • Make ResponseContext explicitly implement StreamConsumer (though technically it already did???)
  • Split Controller.configureServer to create Controller.applyRoutes.

2.0.1 #

  • Tracked down a bug in Driver.runPipeline that allowed fallback handlers to run, even after the response was closed.
  • Add RequestContext.shutdownHooks.
  • Call RequestContext.close in Driver.sendResponse.
  • AngelConfigurer is now FutureOr<void>, instead of just FutureOr.
  • Use a Container.has<Stopwatch> check in Driver.sendResponse.
  • Remove unnecessary new and const.

2.0.0 #

  • Angel 2! 👼 🚀

2.0.0-rc.10 #

  • Fix an error that prevented AngelHttp2.custom from working properly.
  • Add startSharedHttp2.

2.0.0-rc.9 #

  • Fix some bugs in the HookedService implementation that skipped the outputs of before events.

2.0.0-rc.8 #

  • Fix MapService flaw where clients could remove all records, even if allowRemoveAll were false.

2.0.0-rc.7 #

  • AnonymousService can override readData.
  • now overrides readData.
  • HookedService.readData forwards to inner.

2.0.0-rc.6 #

  • Make redirect and download methods asynchronous.

2.0.0-rc.5 #

  • Make serializer FutureOr<String> Function(Object).
  • Make ResponseContext.serialize return Future<bool>.

2.0.0-rc.4 #

  • Support resolution of asynchronous injections in controllers and ioc.
  • Inject RequestContext and ResponseContext into requests.

2.0.0-rc.3 #

  • MapService.modify was not actually modifying items.

2.0.0-rc.2 #

  • Fixes Pub analyzer lints (see angel_route@3.0.6)

2.0.0-rc.1 #

  • Fix logic error that allowed content to be written to streaming responses after close was closed.

2.0.0-rc.0 #

  • Log a warning when no reflector is provided.
  • Add AngelEnvironment class.
    • Add Angel.environment.
    • Deprecated app.isProduction in favor of app.environment.isProduction.
  • Allow setting of bodyAsObject, bodyAsMap, or bodyAsList exactly once.
  • Resolve named singletons in resolveInjection.
  • Fix a bug where Service.parseId<double> would attempt to parse an int.
  • Replace as Data cast in Service.dart with a method that throws a 400 on error.

2.0.0-alpha.24 #

  • Add AngelEnv class to core.
  • Deprecate Angel.isProduction, in favor of AngelEnv.

2.0.0-alpha.23 #

  • ResponseContext.render sets charset to utf8 in contentType.

2.0.0-alpha.22 #

  • Update pipeline handling mechanism, and inject a MiddlewarePipelineIterator.
    • This allows routes to know where in the resolution process they exist, at runtime.

2.0.0-alpha.21 #

  • Update for angel_route@3.0.4 compatibility.
  • Add readAsBytes and readAsString to UploadedFile.
  • URI-decode path components in HTTP2.

2.0.0-alpha.20 #

  • Inject the MiddlewarePipeline into requests.

2.0.0-alpha.19 #

  • parseBody checks for null content type, and throws a 400 if none was given.
  • Add ResponseContext.contentLength.
  • Update streamFile to set content length, and also to work on HEAD requests.

2.0.0-alpha.18 #

  • Upgrade http2 dependency.
  • Upgrade uuid dependency.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented body parsing from ever completing with http2.
  • Add Providers.hashCode.

2.0.0-alpha.17 #

  • Revert the migration to lumberjack for now. In the future, when it's more stable, there'll be a conversion, perhaps.

2.0.0-alpha.16 #

  • Use package:lumberjack for logging.

2.0.0-alpha.15 #

  • Remove dependency on body_parser.
  • RequestContext now exposes a Stream<List<int>> get body getter.
    • Calling RequestContext.parseBody() parses its contents.
    • Added bodyAsMap, bodyAsList, bodyAsObject, and uploadedFiles to RequestContext.
    • Removed Angel.keepRawRequestBuffers and anything that had to do with buffering request bodies.

2.0.0-alpha.14 #

  • Patch HttpResponseContext._openStream to send content-length.

2.0.0-alpha.13 #

  • Fixed a logic error in HttpResponseContext that prevented status codes from being sent.

2.0.0-alpha.12 #

  • Remove ResponseContext.sendFile.
  • Add Angel.mimeTypeResolver.
  • Fix a bug where an unknown MIME type on streamFile would return a 500.

2.0.0-alpha.11 #

  • Add readMany to Service.
  • Allow ResponseContext.redirect to take a Uri.
  • Add Angel.mountController.
  • Add Angel.findServiceOf.
  • Roll in HTTP/2. See pkg:angel_framework/http2.dart.

2.0.0-alpha.10 #

  • All calls to Service.parseId are now affixed with the <Id> argument.
  • Added uri getter to AngelHttp.
  • The default for parseQuery now wraps query parameters in Map<String, dynamic>.from. This resolves a bug in package:angel_validate.

2.0.0-alpha.9 #

  • Add

2.0.0-alpha.8 #

  • No longer export HTTP-specific code from angel_framework.dart. An import of import 'package:angel_framework/http.dart'; will be necessary in most cases now.

2.0.0-alpha.7 #

  • Force a tigher contract on services. They now must return Data on all methods except for index, which returns a List<Data>.

2.0.0-alpha.6 #

  • Allow passing a custom Container to handleContained and co.

2.0.0-alpha.5 #

  • MapService methods now explicitly return Map<String, dynamic>.

2.0.0-alpha.4 #

  • Renamed waterfall to chain.
  • Renamed Routable.service to Routable.findService.
    • Also Routable.findHookedService.

2.0.0-alpha.3 #

  • Added <Id, Data> type parameters to Service.
  • HookedService now follows suit, and takes a third parameter, pointing to the inner service.
  • Routable.use now uses the generic parameters added to Service.
  • Added generic usage to HookedServiceListener, etc.
  • All service methods take Map<String, dynamic> as params now.

2.0.0-alpha.2 #

  • Added ResponseContext.detach.

2.0.0-alpha.1 #

  • Removed Angel.injectEncoders.
  • Added Providers.toJson.
  • Moved Providers.graphql to Providers.graphQL.
  • Angel.optimizeForProduction no longer calls preInject, as it does not need to.
  • Rename ResponseContext.enableBuffer to ResponseContext.useBuffer.

2.0.0-alpha #

  • Removed random_string dependency.
  • Moved reflection to package:angel_container.
  • Upgraded package:file to 5.0.0.
  • ResponseContext.sendFile now uses package:file.
  • Abandon ContentType in favor of MediaType.
  • Changed view engine to use Map<String, dynamic>.
  • Remove dependency on package:json_god by default.
  • Remove dependency on package:dart2_constant.
  • Moved lib/hooks.dart into package:angel_hooks.
  • Moved TypedService into package:angel_typed_service.
  • Completely removed the AngelBase class.
  • Removed all @deprecated symbols.
  • Service.toId was renamed to Service.parseId; it also now uses its single type argument to determine how to parse a value. * In addition, this method was also made static.
  • RequestContext and ResponseContext are now generic, and take a single type argument pointing to the underlying request/response type, respectively.
  • and are now permanently gone.
  • HttpRequestContextImpl and HttpResponseContextImpl were renamed to HttpRequestContext and HttpResponseContext.
  • Lazy-parsing request bodies is now the default; Angel.lazyParseBodies was replaced with Angel.eagerParseRequestBodies.
  • Angel.storeOriginalBuffer -> Angel.storeRawRequestBuffers.
  • The methods lazyBody, lazyFiles, and lazyOriginalBuffer on ResponseContext were all replaced with parseBody, parseUploadedFiles, and parseRawRequestBuffer, respectively.
  • Removed the synchronous equivalents of the above methods (body, files, and originalBuffer), as well as query.
  • Removed Angel.injections and RequestContext.injections.
  • Removed Angel.inject and RequestContext.inject.
  • Removed a dependency on package:pool, which also meant removing AngelHttp.throttle.
  • Remove the RequestMiddleware typedef; from now on, one should use ResponseContext.end exclusively to close responses.
  • waterfall will now only accept RequestHandler.
  • Routable, and all of its subclasses, now extend Router<RequestHandler>, and therefore only take routes in the form of FutureOr myFunc(RequestContext, ResponseContext res).
  • @Middleware now takes an Iterable of RequestHandlers.
  • @Expose.path now must be a String, not just any Pattern.
  • @Expose.middleware now takes Iterable<RequestHandler>, instead of just List.
  • createDynamicHandler was renamed to ioc, and is now used to run IoC-aware handlers in a type-safe manner.
  • RequestContext.params is now a Map<String, dynamic>, rather than just a Map.
  • Removed RequestContext.grab.
  • Removed
  • Removed the defunct debug property where it still existed.
  • Routable.use now only accepts a Service.
  • Removed Angel.createZoneForRequest.
  • Removed Angel.defaultZoneCreator.
  • Added all flags to the Angel constructor, ex. Angel.eagerParseBodies.
  • Fix a bug where synchronous errors in handleRequest would not be caught.
  • AngelHttp.useZone now defaults to false.
  • ResponseContext now starts in streaming mode by default; the response buffer is opt-in, as in many cases it is unnecessary and slows down response time.
  • ResponseContext.streaming was replaced by ResponseContext.isBuffered.
  • Made LockableBytesBuilder public.
  • Removed the now-obsolete ResponseContext.willCloseItself.
  • Removed ResponseContext.dispose.
  • Removed the now-obsolete ResponseContext.end.
  • Removed the now-obsolete ResponseContext.releaseCorrespondingRequest.
  • preInject now takes a Reflector as its second argument.
  • Angel.reflector defaults to const EmptyReflector(), disabling reflection out-of-the-box.