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A free, open source, complete, rapid development package for creating Social apps, Chat apps, Community(Forum) apps, Shopping mall apps, and much more based on Firebase.

Flutter package for Firebase remote configuration in Mobile and Web. Wraps the Firebase remote config package for mobile and the Firebase package for web.

This package aims to provide a functionality missing from firebase_auth, which is to be able to reload user data from the server and get Stream updates with the new data.

A high-level framework of Firebase Auth package that wraps several lines of codes to one line in order to easily use sign-in and out function.

APNS push notification plugin. Works only on iOS. See flutter_apns for apns & firebase combo

A wrapper for Google Analytics. Allows to report via Firebase.

Send push notification from WordPress using Firebase Cloud Messaging. This package automatically pushes your FCM token to WordPress to start sending notifications. Features include the ability to assi [...]

A Firebase Cloud Firestore library to fuel your application's growth!

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