flutter_firebase_chat_core library Null safety


Provides access to Firebase chat data. Singleton, use FirebaseChatCore.instance to aceess methods.
Class that represents the chat config. Can be used for setting custom names for rooms and users collections. Call FirebaseChatCore.instance.setConfig before doing anything else with FirebaseChatCore.instance if you want to change the default collection names. When using custom names don't forget to update your security rules and indexes.


Extension with one toShortString method.
Extension with one toShortString method.


fetchUser(FirebaseFirestore instance, String userId, String usersCollectionName, {String? role}) Future<Map<String, dynamic>>
Fetches user from Firebase and returns a promise.
processRoomDocument(DocumentSnapshot<Map<String, dynamic>> doc, User firebaseUser, FirebaseFirestore instance, String usersCollectionName) Future<Room>
Returns a types.Room created from Firebase document.
processRoomsQuery(User firebaseUser, FirebaseFirestore instance, QuerySnapshot<Map<String, dynamic>> query, String usersCollectionName) Future<List<Room>>
Returns a list of types.Room created from Firebase query. If room has 2 participants, sets correct room name and image.