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A flutter package to paginate realtime database and firestore with live updates.

Firebase Pagination #

A simple and effective way to Paginate Firebase related data.

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Realtime Database Firestore
RealtimeDB Ascending Pagination Demo Firestore Pagination Demo
RealtimeDB Descending Pagination Demo

Features #

  • FirestorePagination to simplify paginating firestore collections.
  • RealtimeDBPagination to simplify paginating realtime database nodes.
  • Get live updates when new data is added using isLive property.
  • Get realtime changes on already loaded data.
  • Descending pagination for RealtimeDBPagination.

Getting started #

Add to Dependencies

firebase_pagination: ^3.1.0

Import the package

import 'package:firebase_pagination/firebase_pagination.dart';

Usage #

Simplest Firestore Pagination

  query: FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection('scores').orderBy('score'),
  itemBuilder: (context, documentSnapshot, index) {
    final data = as Map<String, dynamic>;

    // Do something cool with the data

Simplest Firebase Realtime Database Pagination

  query: FirebaseDatabase.instance.ref().child('scores').orderByChild('score'),
  orderBy: 'score',
  itemBuilder: (context, dataSnapshot, index) {
    final data = dataSnapshot.value as Map<String, dynamic>;

    // Do something cool with the data

For more examples, see the examples section.

How it Works #

  • A data listener is added to the query with the given limit.
  • Every time the user scrolls to the bottom of the list, the limit is increased.
  • If there are any changes for the loaded data, it will be automatically updated.
  • If isLive is true, a live listener is added to fetch data before the first load. (i.e. Newly added data will be automatically loaded)
  • When new data is added, the data listener will be removed and a new data listener will be added with the new limit.
  • Also the live listener will be removed and a new live listener will be added.

Efficiency & Performance #

  • Both FirestorePagination and RealtimeDBPagination uses maximum of two stream listeners to fetch data.
  • Hence it is performant and uses minimum amount of resources.
  • The listeners are automatically removed when the widget is removed from the widget tree.
  • For fetching data, the widgets uses this hack to minimize the number of reads from the database.

Description #

Property Description Type Default
query The query to use to fetch data from Firestore / Realtime Database. Query -
itemBuilder The builder to use to build the items in the list. Function -
separatorBuilder The builder to use to render the separator. Function separatorBuilder (package fn)
limit The number of items to fetch from Database at once. int 10
viewType The type of view to use for the list. ViewType ViewType.list
isLive Whether to fetch newly added items as they are added to Database. bool false
gridDelegate The delegate to use for the GridView. SliverGridDelegate crossAxisCount: 2
wrapOptions The Wrap widget properties to use. WrapOptions WrapOptions()
onEmpty The widget to use when data is empty. Widget EmptyScreen()
bottomLoader The widget to use when more data is loading. Widget BottomLoader()
initialLoader The widget to use when data is loading initially. Widget InitialLoader()
scrollDirection The scrolling direction of the ScrollView. Axis false
reverse Whether the ScrollView scrolls in the reading direction. bool false
shrinkWrap Should the ScrollView be shrink-wrapped. bool false
physics The scroll behavior to use for the ScrollView. ScrollPhysics -
padding The padding to use for the ScrollView. EdgeInsetsGeometry -
controller The controller to use for the ScrollView. ScrollController -
descending Whether the data should be fetched in descending order or not. Only works for RealtimeDBPagination bool false

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A flutter package to paginate realtime database and firestore with live updates.

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