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A comprehensive library of high-level, cryptographic APIs. This library supports hashing, password hashing, two-way encryption, MAC authentication, and key/IV generation.

A package that exports functions for converting, formatting, and nicening of dates/times in Dart.

An package which generates mock-data using the PCG algorithm.

A mathematical library extending and bettering provided dart and dart:math functions.

A auto-completion engine for Dart/Flutter, based around an optimized Trie implementation.

An opinionated Flutter theming solution, building on modern Material and Scandinavian principles.

A dynamic, Stream-based API for job scheduling in Dart, capable of processing on different triggers.

A lightning-fast, synchronous, key-value database written in pure Dart.


A simple, extensible, readable BDD assertion library. Supports introspective terminal output.


A Dart library implementing cryptographic algorithms and primitives, modeled on the BouncyCastle library.