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An package which generates mock-data using the PCG algorithm.

Destiny #

Destiny is a new, mock-data generator for Dart/Flutter. It uses static methods couched in a destiny namespace as the API.

It also exposes an alternative to the dart:math randomness machine, using the PCG algorithm. You can access this by importing the file "package:destiny/pcg.dart" and using the PCGRandom class. Support for this algorithm is provided as "best-effort": it does not have noticeable statistical flaws, but the algorithm was specified for languages that support unsigned integers (Dart does not).

This package takes inspiration from Chance.js and Faker for Python; it aims to be the most complete and versatile generator of mock data.

Usage #

Simple usage is illustrated here. For more, see the API Reference:

import 'package:destiny/destiny.dart'; // import destiny methods
import 'package:destiny/pcg.dart'; // import pcg

destiny.random = PCGRandom(); // defaults if unset to dart:math's Random(). You can also use here.

void main() {
  print('Random Integer from 4 to 8: ${destiny.integer(min: 4, max: 8)}');

  print('Random Boolean: ${destiny.boolean()}');

  //Note: you can also specify a pool of characters.
  print('20 Random Ascii Characters: ' + destiny.string(20));

  print('20 Random Letters: ' + destiny.letters(20));

  print('20 Random Digits: ' + destiny.digits(20));

  print('Random Email Address: ' +;

  print('Random Phone #: ' +;

  //Note: female and male names are also available.
  print('Random Name: ' +;

  print('Flip a coin: ' + destiny.coin());

  //Note: d4, d6, d8, d10, d20, d30, and d100 are available for dice-rolling.
  print('Roll a 6-sided dice: ' + destiny.d6().toString());

  print('Random address: ' + destiny.address());

  //Note: you can specify a start and end DateTime using the min and max params.
  print('Random DateTime: ' + destiny.datetime().toString());

  print('Random IPv4: ' + destiny.ipv4());

  print('Random IPv6: ' + destiny.ipv6());

  print('Random GUID: ' + destiny.guid());

  // This is the beginning of destiny's capabilities. For more, check out
  // the API reference: It explains the methods in more detail.

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

This library and its contents are subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.
© 2020 Aditya Kishore
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An package which generates mock-data using the PCG algorithm.

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