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Flutter Sticky Headers - Lets you place headers on scrollable content that will stick to the top of the container whilst the content is scrolled.

A scrollbar that can be dragged for quickly navigation through a vertical list. Additional option is showing label next to scrollthumb with information about current item.

A Flutter plugin to Send SMS and MMS on iOS and Android. If iMessage is enabled it will send as iMessage on iOS. This plugin must be tested on a real device on iOS.

ListView with items that can be scrolled infinitely in both directions.

Backdrop implementation in dart. (https://material.io/design/components/backdrop.html)

Redux is a predictable state container for Dart and Flutter apps

A plugin for creating and managing download tasks. Supports iOS and Android.

Flutter plugin for discovering information (e.g. WiFi details) of the network.

Page Turn Widget | Add a page turn effect to widgets in your app.

Flutter plugin for accessing information about the battery state(full, charging, discharging).