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Wrapper for HealthKit on iOS and Google Fit and Health Connect on Android.
A Pedometer and Step Detection package for Android and iOS. Step count is streamed as the platform updates it.
A weather plugin for fetching current weather and forecasting via the OpenWeatherMap API. Works for both Android and iOS.
A Flutter plugin for collecting noise from the phone's microphone.
App usage plugin for Android only, which can be used to get the time spent by the user in each app.
A plugin for reporting screen events while the flutter application is running in background. Works for Android only.
A plugin for tracking notifications on the device. Works exclusively for Android.
A location plugin that works in the background. Supports Android and iOS
Streaming of Pulse-code modulation (PCM) audio from Android and iOS
Activity recognition plugin for Android and iOS. Provides event-based information about activities detected by the phone.