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    A pedometer plugin for probing the native pedometer. Works for both iOS and Android and is written in Swift/Java.

  • 91


    A weather plugin for fetching current weather and forecasting via the OpenWeatherMap API. Works for both Android and iOS.

  • 87


    Wrapper for the iOS HealthKit and Android GoogleFit services.

  • 86


    A Flutter plugin for probing data from the light sensor using a platform channel. Works for Android only, since the light sensor API is not available on iOS.

  • 85


    A plugin for reporting screen events while the flutter application is running in background. Works for Android only.

  • 85


    A noise meter plugin for Android and iOS. Currently works for Android only, will support iOS in near future.

  • 82


    View usage statistics of all applications on the phone (Android only).

  • 82


    The eSense Flutter Plugin supporting the eSense earable computing devices from Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge.

  • 77


    A plugin for tracking notifications on the device. Works exclusively for Android.

  • 76


    Mobile Sensing Framework for Flutter. A software framework for collecting sensor data from the phone and attached wearable devices via probes. Can be extended.