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A complete api for audio playback and recording. Audio player, audio recorder, media player, media recorder, sound player, sound recorder.

The Flutter Calendar widget has nine built-in configurable views that provide basic functionalities for scheduling and representing appointments/events efficiently.

A 'dart:html' that works in all platforms, including Flutter and server-side. Eases cross-platform development and HTML / XML processing.

Supercharged brings all the comfort features from languages like Kotlin to all Flutter developers.

A custom switch widget that can have a custom height and width, borders, border radius, colors, toggle size, custom text and icons inside the toggle.

String replacement with operations that are Unicode/grapheme cluster aware.

NumberPicker is a widget allowing user to choose numbers by scrolling spinners.

Flutter package to render html as widgets that supports hyperlink, image, audio, video, iframe and many other tags.

Flutter PDF Viewer library is used to display a PDF document seamlessly and efficiently.

Flutter package to render html as widgets that focuses on correctness and extensibility.

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