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An image picker similar with Instagram, supports multi picking, crop and aspect ratio.

Instagram Assets Picker

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An image picker based on Instagram picker UI. It is using the powerful flutter_wechat_assets_picker package to handle the picker and a custom version of image_crop for crop.

🚀 Features #

  • ✅ Instagram layout
    • Scroll behaviors, animation
    • Preview, select, unselect action logic
  • ✅ Theme and language customization
  • ✅ Multiple images pick (with maximum limit)
  • ✅ Single image pick mode
  • ✅ Restore state of picker after pop
  • ✅ Select aspect ratios to crop all images with (default to 1:1 & 4:5)
  • ✅ Crop all images at once and receive a stream with a progress value
  • ✅ Prepend or append a custom item in the assets list
  • ✅ Add custom action buttons
  • ❌ Videos are not supported

📸 Screenshots #

Layout and scroll Crop

📖 Installation #

Add this package to the pubspec.yaml

insta_assets_picker: ^2.3.0


Since this package is a custom delegate of flutter_wechat_assets_picker you MUST follow this package setup recommendation : installation guide.

👀 Usage #

For more details check out the example.

Future<List<AssetEntity>?> callPicker() => InstaAssetPicker.pickAssets(
    title: 'Select images',
    maxAssets: 10,
    onCompleted: (Stream<InstaAssetsExportDetails> stream) {
        // TODO : handle crop stream result
        // i.e : display it using a StreamBuilder
        // - in the same page (closeOnComplete=true)
        // - send it to another page (closeOnComplete=false)
        // or use `stream.listen` to handle the data manually in your state manager
        // - ...

Fields in InstaAssetsExportDetails:

Name Type Description
croppedFiles List<File> List of all cropped files
selectedAssets List<AssetEntity> Selected assets without crop
aspectRatio double Selected aspect ratio (1 or 4/5)
progress double Progress indicator of the exportation (between 0 and 1)

Picker configuration #

Please follow flutter_wechat_assets_picker documentation : AssetPickerConfig

Localizations #

Please follow flutter_wechat_assets_picker documentation : Localizations

Theme customization #

Most of the components of the picker can be customized using theme.

// set picker theme based on app theme primary color
final theme = InstaAssetPicker.themeData(Theme.of(context).primaryColor);
    pickerTheme: theme.copyWith(
      canvasColor:, // body background color
      splashColor: Color.grey, // ontap splash color
      colorScheme: theme.colorScheme.copyWith(
        background: Colors.black87, // albums list background color
      appBarTheme: theme.appBarTheme.copyWith(
        backgroundColor:, // app bar background color
        titleTextStyle: Theme.of(context)
            ?.copyWith(color: Colors.white), // change app bar title text style to be like app theme
      // edit `confirm` button style
      textButtonTheme: TextButtonThemeData(
        style: TextButton.styleFrom(
    onCompleted: (_) {},

Crop customization #

You can set the list of crop aspect ratios available. You can also set the preferred size, for the cropped images.

    cropDelegate: InstaAssetCropDelegate(
      // allows you to set the preferred size used when cropping the image.
      // the final size will depends on the scale used when cropping.
      preferredSize: 1080,
      cropRatios: [
      // - allow you to set the list of aspect ratios selectable,
      // the default values are [1/1, 4/5] like instagram.
      // - if you want to disable cropping, you can set only one parameter,
      // in this case, the "crop" button will not be displayed (#10).
      // - if the value of cropRatios is different than the default value,
      // the "crop" button will display the selected ratio value (i.e.: 1:1)
      // instead of unfold arrows.
    onCompleted: (_) {},

Camera #

Many people requested the ability to take picture from the picker. The main aspect of this package is selection and uniform crop selection. Consequently, camera-related operations have no place in this package. However, since version 2.0.0, it is now possible to trigger this action using either specialItemBuilder and/or actionsBuilder.

The ability to take a photo from the camera must be handled on your side, but the picker is now able to refresh the list and select the new photo. New examples have been written to show how to manage this process with the camera or wechat_camera_picker package.

✨ Credit #

This package is based on flutter_wechat_assets_picker by AlexV525 and image_crop by lykhonis.