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A package that helps you dealing with mathematical fractions. Work with fractions, mixed fractions and types conversions.

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A package that helps you dealing with fractions and mixed fractions.

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Working with fractions #

You can create an instance of Fraction using one of its constructors.

  • Basic: it just requires the numerator and/or the denominator.

    final frac = Fraction(3, 5); // 3/5
    final frac = Fraction(3, 1); // 3
  • String: pass the fraction as a string but it has to be well-formed otherwise an exception is thrown.

    final frac1 = Fraction.fromString("2/4"); // 2/4
    final frac2 = Fraction.fromString("-2/4"); // -2/4
    final frac3 = Fraction.fromString("2/-4"); // Error
    final frac4 = Fraction.fromString("-2"); // -2/1
  • double: represents a double as a fraction. Note that irrational numbers cannot be converted into a fraction by definition; the constructor has the precision parameter which decides how precise the representation has to be.

    final frac1 = Fraction.fromDouble(1.5); // 3/2
    final frac2 = Fraction.fromDouble(-8.5); // -17/2
    final frac3 = Fraction.fromDouble(math.pi); // 208341/66317
    final frac4 = Fraction.fromDouble(math.pi, 1.0E-4); // 333/106

    The constant pi cannot be represented as a fraction because it's an irrational number. The constructor considers only precison decimal digits to create a fraction. With rational numbers instead you don't have problems.

Thanks to extension methods you can also create a Fraction object "on the fly" by calling the toFraction() method on a number or a string.

final f1 = 5.toFraction(); // 5/1
final f2 = 1.5.toFraction(); // 3/2
final f3 = "6/5".toFraction(); // 6/5

Note that a Fraction object is immutable so methods that require changing the internal state of the object return a new instance. For example, reduce() method reduces the fraction to the lowest terms but it returns a new instance:

final fraction = Fraction.fromString("12/20"); // 12/20
final reduced = fraction.reduce(); // now it's simplified to  3/5

Fraction strings can be converted from and to unicode glyphs when possible.

final Fraction oneOverFour = Fraction.fromGlyph("¼"); // Fraction(1, 4)
final String oneOverTwo = Fraction(1, 2).toStringAsGlyph(); // "½"

Two fractions are equal if their "cross product" is equal. For example 1/2 and 3/6 are said to be equivalent because 1*6 = 3*2 (and in fact 3/6 is the same as 1/2). Be sure to check out the official documentation at for a complete overview of the API.

Working with mixed fractions #

A mixed fraction is made up of a whole part and a proper fraction (a fraction in which numerator <= denominator). Building MixedFraction objects can't be easier:

final mixed1 = MixedFraction(
  whole: 3, 
  numerator: 4, 
  denominator: 7
final mixed2 = MixedFraction.fromDouble(1.5);
final mixed3 = MixedFraction.fromString("1 1/2");

There is also the possibility to initialize a MixedFraction using extension methods, as it happens with Fraction:

final mixed = "1 1/2".toMixedFraction();

Note that MixedFraction objects are immutable exactly like Fraction objects so you're guaranteed that the internal state of the instance won't change during its lifetime. Make sure to check out the official documentation at for a complete overview of the API.

Egyptian fractions #

An Egyptian fraction is a finite sum of distinct fractions where the numerator is always 1 and, the denominator is a positive number and all the denominators differ from each other. For example:

  • 5/8 = 1/2 + 1/8 (where "1/2 + 1/8" is the egyptian fraction)

Basically, egyptian fractions are a sum of fractions in the form 1/x that represent a proper or an improper fraction. Here's how you can work with them:

final egyptianObject = EgyptianFraction(
  fraction: Fraction(5, 8),

final egyptianFraction = egyptianObject.compute();
print("$egyptianFraction"); // prints "1/2 + 1/8"

The compute() method returns an iterable of type List<Fraction>.

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A package that helps you dealing with mathematical fractions. Work with fractions, mixed fractions and types conversions.

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