flutter_chat 0.1.5

Flutter Android iOS

Chat helper for Flutter android and iOS using firebase as backend services.

flutter_chat #

A Chat Helper for Flutter using Firebase as backend services.

Getting Started #

Use ChatData.dart for start building your chat.

You can use your own widget in Stateful Widget Class. Steps:

  1. add firebase in your android and ios project
  2. Create a Stateful widget class and call the method in body within initState(): -> ChatData.init("app name",context);
  3. and in body of Widget build: -> ChatData.widgetWelcomeScreen(context)

You can use common methods for your application:

Useful Methods: #

  1. Auth user from Google SignIn, if user is using app first time, then user data store in firestore in "users" document, send true if authenticated,else false authUsersGoogle() → Future

  2. check if user is loggedin with social isSignedIn() → Future

  3. Check user authentication, if authenticated then show dashboard screen, else login screen authUser(BuildContext context) → void

  4. used to create splash screen, shows splash for 2 sec and then call to check authentication startTime(BuildContext context) → Future

Now enjoy the chat.