flutter_chat 1.1.0
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Flutter Android iOS

Social Chat for Flutter android and iOS using firebase as backend services.

flutter_chat #

A Chat Helper for create chat application in Flutter using Firebase as backend services.

Support Development #

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Features: #

  1. 1-1 chat.
  2. Chat with only added friends(Privacy). New
  3. Share Pic with Gallery/Camera
  4. User online status

Next Future Scope #

  1. Notification
  2. Group Chat
  3. User acceptance on chat request
  4. share location on chat

Screenshots: #

login screen user screen chat screen

Getting Started #

  • Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:<br/> dependencies:<br/>flutter_chat

  • Add firebase in your android and ios project.

  • Deploy "Cloud Function" on firebase. (provided on cloudFunction folder, used for show user online/offline status).

  • Create a Stateful widget class and call the method in body (example can be found in Github repo),<br/> within initState():<br/> -> ChatData.init("app name",context); <br/> and in body of Widget build:<br/> -> ChatData.widgetWelcomeScreen(context)

Thanks for coffee: #

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