essential_codemod 0.1.5
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A collection of codemods to upgrade your code

essential_codemod #

A utility for code modification, to implement json serialization methods

This codemod runs through your codebase and performs these refactors so you don't have to!

Installation #

essential_codemod provides an executable via dart global packages.

In your terminal:

pub global activate essential_codemod 

Usage #

cd path/to/your/code
pub global run essential_codemod:codechange

Arguments #

    --[no-]recursive    Apply updates to Dart files in the current directory and all subdirectories recursively.
                        (defaults to on)

    --[no-]classes      Use Stream classes instead of Rx factories. Example: "TimerStream" instead of "Rx.timer"
                        (defaults to off)

-h, --help              Prints the help menu