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A package to enables users to purchase products through deposits.

Deposits Commerce SDK #

pub package

The Deposits commerce SDK is an easy to embed commerce system for allowing creators to setup and operate an online store without owning an e-commerce website. Empowering vendors to launch commerce feature without the engineering time at less the cost of building commerce capabilities internally. Shoppers can view products and checkout one item at a time from each vendor's store without leaving the application .


Installation #

pubspec.yaml :



sdk: flutter

deposits_ecommerce: <Latest version>

Terminal :

flutter pub add deposits_one_click_checkout

Features #

  • Create Store.
  • Customer Management
  • Cart Management.
  • Order Management.
  • Products management.
  • Categories.
  • Shipping Address Management.
  • Merchant management.
  • Etc and more.

Requirements #


This plugin requires several changes to be able to work on Android devices. Please make sure you follow all these steps:

  1. Use Android 5.0 (API level 21) and above

  2. Rebuild the app, as the above changes don't update with hot reload


Compatible with apps targeting iOS 10 or above.


We do not support the web via this plugin for now

Usage #

The library provides a UI component for creating and managing stores and managing customers.

Customer Management/Flow Example #

      merchantId: '1',
      customerID: '1',
      envMode: envMode,
      apiKey: apiKey ,

Merchant Management/Flow Example #

      ButtonConfig(buttonText: 'buttonText'),
      merchantID: '',
      apiKey: apiKey,
      envMode: envMode,

Parameter, [buttonText] is the name you want on the button

Parameter [merchantID] is the id of the merchant(whom you want to display their products) provided by Deposits API when the merchant was created, e.g. 43cba34n65l.

Parameter [customerID] is the id of the customer which is the user about to buy/purchase something provided by the Deposits API when the customer was created, e.g. 98iei74uij.

Parameter [apiKey] is the key for the merchant provided byt Deposits API when the merchant was created, e.g. deposits-ecommerce-test.

Parameter [envMode], tells the library if it should use the staging or the live environment. /// Useful if you are debuging or in development.

The goal of Deposits Commerce SDK is to make building amazing Ecommerce apps with flutter and Deposits as easy as can be and help improve your workflow.

Deposit Commerce SDK initialization #

To initialize Deposit Ecommerce Customer Management/Flow in your Flutter app, use the depositsCustomerWidget and depositsMerchantWidget for Deposits Ecommerce Merchant Management/Flow

depositsCustomerWidget and depositsMerchantWidget offers context, buttonConfig, initialScreen, envMode, merchantID and customerID, apiKey. Only apiKey, envMode and buttonConfig (which has the following params : amount required, textStyle, height, minwidth , etc as customizable widgets ) is required. envMode is either true or false as a bool.

Dart API #


The library offers several methods to handle both customer and merchant related actions:

import 'package:deposits_ecommerce/deposits_ecommerce.dart';

DepositsApi depositsApi = DepositsApi(
    apiKey: 'deposits-ecommerce-test', 
    isProduction: false, 
    isDebug: true

===================Merchant External API's===================
var categoryApiResponse = await depositsApi.getCategories();
print("categoryApiResponse $categoryApiResponse");

var setUpShopApiResponse = await depositsApi.setupMerchant('233', 'demo shop', 'my demo shop', '', 'Electronics', '500443', 'Mina avenue', 'Dallas', 'Texas', 'USA');
print("setUpShopApiResponse $setUpShopApiResponse");

var getMerchantApiResponse = await depositsApi.getMerchant('22');
print("getMerchantApiResponse $getMerchantApiResponse");

var getMerchantInfoApiResponse = await depositsApi.getMerchantInfo('22');
print("getMerchantInfoApiResponse $getMerchantInfoApiResponse");

var getSelectedMerchantsApiResponse = await depositsApi.getSelectedMerchants(['22']);
print("getSelectedMerchantsApiResponse $getSelectedMerchantsApiResponse");

var updateMerchantApiResponse = await depositsApi.updateMerchant('22', 'demo shop', 'my demo shop', '', 'Electronics', '500443', 'Mina avenue', 'Dallas', 'Texas', 'USA');
print("updateMerchantApiResponse $updateMerchantApiResponse");

var updateMerchantContactInfoApiResponse = await depositsApi.updateMerchantContactInfo('22', '', '74 clinoda avenue, dave town');
print("updateMerchantContactInfoApiResponse $updateMerchantContactInfoApiResponse");

var updateMerchantPolicyApiResponse = await depositsApi.updateMerchantPolicy('22', 'we allow return but only if item is not defected', 'when we ship an order can not be cancelled and we deliver straight to your door step');
print("updateMerchantPolicyApiResponse $updateMerchantPolicyApiResponse");

var updateMerchantShippingAndTaxInfoApiResponse = await depositsApi.updateMerchantShippingAndTaxInfo('22', '893883HHHJH', '20%', '30');
print("updateMerchantShippingAndTaxInfoApiResponse $updateMerchantShippingAndTaxInfoApiResponse");

var createAssetApiResponse = await depositsApi.createAsset('22', 'file/csdvhrufre.png', 'my product', 'front image for my product');
print("createAssetApiResponse $createAssetApiResponse");

var createProductApiResponse = await depositsApi.createProduct('22', 'HGDYU7374743', 'my product', '34', 'my book to help you sell', '3', 'true', '', '3', '10', {}, {});
print("createProductApiResponse $createProductApiResponse");

===================Customer External API's===================
var createCustomerApiResponse = await depositsApi.createCustomer('22','','james','Bova','null','null',{'address':'null'});
print("createCustomerApiResponse $createCustomerApiResponse");

var findCustomerApiResponse = await depositsApi.findCustomer('22','');
print("findCustomerApiResponse $findCustomerApiResponse");

var getProductsApiResponse = await depositsApi.getProducts('22');
print("getProductsApiResponse $getProductsApiResponse");

var getProductApiResponse = await depositsApi.getProduct('22', '2');
print("getProductApiResponse $getProductApiResponse");

var getFeaturedProductsApiResponse = await depositsApi.getFeaturedProducts('22');
print("getFeaturedProductsApiResponse $getFeaturedProductsApiResponse");

The example app offers examples on how to use these methods.

Run the example app #

  • Navigate to the example folder cd example

  • Install the dependencies

  • flutter pub get

  • Set up env vars for the flutter app and a local backend.

  • Get your test API keys

  • Get your live API keys

  • Start the example

  • Terminal 1: flutter run

Contributing #

Only members of the deposits team can contribute to this. You can create an issue if you find a bug or have any challenge using this SDK.