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A flexible Dart bytecode compiler and interpreter written in Dart, enabling dynamic execution and code push for AOT Dart apps.

0.7.6 #

  • Support for 'break' inside loops
  • Support for constructor block bodies
  • Allow changing the value of static class fields
  • Fix various errors caused by tree-shaking bridge class data that is required to set up the runtime
  • Fix error when setting values on Maps

0.7.5 #

  • Create writeback-capable List wrapper. Use $List.view() with a type mapper function to create a view of an underlying List that can be written to.
  • Support for $List.view in the binding generator
  • Binding generator can now generate configureForRuntime methods
  • Support for static methods and getters in the binding generator
  • Fix compile error with empty map literals
  • Automatically resolve bridged superclass field references without 'this.'
  • Fix broken implementation of Object.hashCode

0.7.4 #

  • Fix return value boxing of equals and not equals operators
  • Fix assigning enums in conditional expressions
  • Fix error thrown by null assertion operator (thanks @Noobware1)
  • Add bindings for Error, UnimplementedError, UnsupportedError, and StackTrace (thanks @Noobware1)
  • Add bindings for InternetAddress and InternetAddressType (thanks @Noobware1)
  • Support for calling toString() on dynamic types (thanks @Noobware1)
  • Support for jsonEncode() and jsonDecode() (thanks @Noobware1)

0.7.3 #

  • Fix error when setting a top-level variable
  • Fix for-each loops that specify the type of the loop variable
  • Allow exceptions to bubble up through an asynchronous gap
  • Fix CLI error resolving URIs from a Dart package_config.json file (thanks @think-of-xiao)
  • Support for List.of(), List.from(), and List.removeWhere() (thanks @Noobware1)

0.7.2 #

  • Compiler now infers variable types when using the if (x is Y) pattern
  • Support for setters with a different type than getters / fields of the same name
  • Support for return statements without a value
  • Fix type resolution of super constructor parameters
  • Support for most Uri methods and constructors (thanks @Noobware1 and @kodjodevf)
  • Support for Base64Codec, Base64Decoder, Base64Encoder, utf8.decode(), and utf8.encode() (thanks @kodjodevf)
  • Support for Map.containsKey() (thanks @DeleMike)
  • Support for String.codeUnits (thanks @Noobware1)
  • Support for String.fromCharCodes (thanks @kodejodevf)
  • Support for ArgumentError, StateError, and StreamView

0.7.1 #

  • Eliminate requirement to call setup() on the Runtime. Setup is now invoked automatically and the setup method is deprecated.
  • Add experimental wrapper binding generator to the CLI (thanks to @a-wallen). See README for details and caveats.
  • Add [] indexed getter for strings
  • Fix loop boxing/unboxing bugs
  • Fix argument type of String.replaceAll()
  • Fix error when trying to resolve a method on an enum
  • Fix incorrect type inference of conditional and assignment expressions
  • Make RegExpMatch bimodal

0.7.0 #

  • (Breaking) Removed RuntimeTypes. All builtin types are referenced with CoreTypes/AsyncTypes etc now.
  • (Breaking) Improve extension method syntax and make it the default for examples
  • (Breaking) Added tree-shaking for dead code elimination. To ensure a file is compiled you must add it as an entrypoint to the Compiler. main.dart is always an entrypoint. See README for details.
  • Support for compiling Pub packages in the CLI
  • Support tryParse() and parse() for num and int
  • Support Iterable.generate() and List.generate() (thanks @wrbl606)
  • Support for ++i and --i prefix operators (thanks @wrbl606)
  • Fix increment and decrement operations on list elements (thanks @wrbl606)
  • Support for RegExpMatch and most RegExp methods (thanks @Noobware1)
  • Support for function type arguments and inferring generic return types based on argument types
  • Support for Comparable
  • Support invoking functions stored as fields in a class
  • Add identical and Object.hash functions
  • Basic support for runtimeType
  • Add Runtime.valueToString helper for converting a $Value to a string correctly
  • Support for default positional parameters
  • Use short-circuit evaluation for null coalescing operator ??
  • Support for null-shorted method calls and property access using ?.
  • Support null assertion operator !
  • Fix type resolution with self-referential generic types such as class T implements Comparable<T>
  • Support for rethrow
  • Support for symbol literals
  • Add bindings for Exception, RangeError, and FormatException
  • Add bindings for Symbol and Zone
  • Add bindings for ByteBuffer, TypedData, ByteData, and Uint8List from dart:typed_data
  • Add binding for LinkedHashMap from dart:collection
  • Improved performance by optimizing to static method calls and field accesses when the concrete type of a variable is known
  • Fix super constructor parameter type resolution
  • Fix various errors when using non-reserved language keywords as the name of a variable or function
  • Fix incorrect type hint for String.contains()
  • Fix top-level getters
  • Fix named constructor calls using "new" or "const"
  • Runtime errors now print out the scope stack for easier debugging
  • Reformat line length to 80 for standardization with Dart ecosystem
  • Documentation improvements

0.6.5 #

  • Support for try/finally and try/catch/finally
  • Fix numerous bugs related to exception handling

0.6.4 #

  • Support for casting (as)
  • Support for asserts and AssertionError
  • Add magic constant and version to EVC bytecode to prevent errors.
  • Fix for error when extending a bridge class

0.6.3 #

  • Support for cascades
  • Support for null coalescing assignment operator ??=
  • Support for many List and Iterable methods (thanks @kodjodevf)
  • Fix error with do-while loops
  • Fix scope leak when using arrow functions
  • Fix properties not being properly boxed/unboxed when passed to a function
  • Fix constructor field initializer boxing
  • Improve test coverage
  • Add topics to pubspec

0.6.2+1 #

  • Hotfix to increase size of globals array in runtime

0.6.2 #

  • Initial support for enums
  • Fix null coalescing expression
  • Support for bitwise int xor operator
  • Support for optional positional and unspecified named parameters in function expressions and tearoffs

0.6.1 #

  • Support for multiple catch clauses and on
  • $Map is now bimodal
  • Fix for error when accessing values on a map returned from json.decode()
  • Fix loops causing errors by attempting to repeatedly unbox variables declared outside the loop on each iteration
  • Support for bitwise int operators |, &, <<, and >>
  • Support for most DateTime functions, getters, and parse / tryParse constructors (thanks @oneplus1000)
  • Support for ! and != operators (thanks @oneplus1000)
  • Support for most Duration getters (thanks @oneplus1000)
  • Support automatic await of Future return values in async functions
  • Upgrade to analyzer v6
  • Support Dart 3

0.6.0 #

  • (Deprecated) BridgeTypeRef.spec, use the default constructor instead
  • (Breaking) The $runtimeType getter on $Value has been replaced with a $getRuntimeType method that accepts a Runtime argument.
  • (Breaking) Many bridge types now use CoreTypes/AsyncTypes etc instead of RuntimeTypes. This allows specifying generic type arguments.
  • (Breaking) EvalPlugin now uses the supertype BridgeDeclarationRegistry instead of Compiler in configureForCompile().
  • (Breaking) Removed the typeMapper parameter from $Future. It was mostly useless and didn't support async/await. Use bimodal wrappers instead.
  • Support for relative imports and exports
  • Support for Streams and StreamController
  • Support for dart:io filesystem and HTTP classes
  • Basic support for try/catch and throw. Only 1 untyped catch clause is supported for now, and finally is unsupported.
  • Support for ternary expressions
  • Support for is type-test expressions
  • Basic support for RegExp
  • Add a runtime permissions system to control access to dart:io. See the README for details.
  • @RuntimeOverride annotations are now parsed at compile-time to create dynamic runtime overrides consumed by the runtime. See README for details.
  • Support for Utf8Codec and JsonCodec
  • Add BridgeSerializer, a class that can serialize bridge classes to JSON for use in the dart_eval CLI.
  • Add an optional extensions syntax to make writing bridge classes easier (thanks @canewsin). See examples/dart_eval_extensions_syntax.dart.
  • Add $Closure for an easier way to pass external functions as arguments
  • Support modulo operator on numbers
  • Add dart:math functions and constants
  • Support for prefixed imports of top-level functions and constructors
  • Very basic support for generic function types that simply resolves them to Function
  • Improved code documentation (thanks @maxiee)
  • Fix type inference using await
  • Added type inference for class fields
  • Fix method resolution on top-level variables
  • Fixed an bug where compilation could fail due to a null function offset (thanks @maxiee)
  • Fixed a type inference error where bridged functions could resolve incorrectly to a unboxed return type
  • Fixed empty list literals causing the compiler to stall
  • Fixed bugs when accessing list elements from class methods and/or closures
  • Add a feature support table to the README

0.5.6 #

  • (Breaking) Use DartTypes.list instead of RuntimeTypes.listType in bridge class definitions.
  • Support for Iterable and for-each
  • Support for collection for
  • Fixes to branching logic
  • Improved generic type inference
  • Fix return value boxing in arrow functions
  • Allow arrow function entrypoints in eval()
  • Remove dcli to eliminate many extraneous dependencies
  • Improved documentation

0.5.4 #

  • Bindings for most String methods (thanks to @maks)
  • Support for super constructor params
  • Support for plugins in the eval() method
  • Deprecated compilerSettings and runtimeSettings in eval() in favor of plugins
  • Support for nullable type annotations in argument lists
  • Removed the nullable param from KnownMethodArg in favor of the new nullable param in TypeRef
  • Improved many error messages to display filename and a code snippet
  • Error messages about type assignments now disambuigate between types if they have the same name

0.5.3 #

  • Support for class getters and setters
  • Automatic default constructor when none is specified
  • Fix prefixed imports causing other types to be unresolvable

0.5.2 #

  • Allow null to be boxed
  • Fix Maps without explicit type parameters
  • Other bug fixes

0.5.1 #

  • Propagate expected types from variable declarations and argument lists to the expressions they contain.
  • Allow specifying doubles with int literals when the expected type is known
  • Fix static bridge method return types being null

0.5.0 #

Note: EVC bytecode generated with this version may not be compatible with previous versions.

  • Web support for both compiler and runtime
  • Incremental parsing for faster recompilation
  • New plugin system for bridge libraries to enable reusing a Compiler instance
  • Support for tear-offs (top-level functions and methods within the current class only)
  • Improve async/await
  • Reduce size of generated bytecode

0.4.7 #

  • Add bindings for the dart:math Point class
  • Add Duration.zero and some other Duration static getters
  • Support unary minus on ints and doubles
  • Support for optional positional parameters on bridge classes

0.4.6 #

  • Support for bridged static getters
  • Support for top-level and class arrow functions

0.4.5 #

  • Support for arrow function expressions

0.4.4 #

  • CLI: allow invoking without dart pub global run

0.4.3 #

  • CLI: Improved ease of use and documentation
  • CLI: Added support for JSON bindings
  • Type arguments are now applied when extending a bridge class that declares a generic type parameter
  • BridgeTypeRef.ref is now supported in limited cases for referencing generic class type parameters
  • Support for bridged getters
  • Support for string interpolation
  • The eval() method now lets you specify an output file path and does not automatically output a file if left unspecified
  • Fix broken sample in README (thanks @g123k)

0.4.2 #

  • Fix analyzer version constraint

0.4.1 #

  • Fix a potential crash when resolving common base types.
  • Support for calling methods on a bridge class's supertype without having to declare the method on the subtype's declaration.
  • Documentation improvements

0.4.0 #

  • (Breaking) You must now specify the bridge or wrap parameter in a BridgeClassDef
  • (Breaking) You must now specify isBridge: true when registering a bridge class constructor with runtime.registerBridgeFunc()
  • Support for bridged (only) enums
  • Support for variable captures inside closures
  • Support for implicit class field accesses including this and super in closures
  • Bridge declarations are now merged with a Dart source file of the same URI, if one exists
  • Basic support for top-level variables and static fields
  • Support for bool literals and logical and/or
  • Support String.substring() (thanks to @maks)
  • Now using continuous integration (thanks to @maks)
  • Various bug fixes and code cleanups

0.3.0 #

  • (Breaking) Modified public API for defining bridge classes. See Pub example.
  • (Breaking) Relative import URIs may no longer work (it's unclear whether they worked before). Support will be re-added in a future release.
  • (Deprecated) Runtime.executeNamed() is deprecated. Use Runtime.executeLib() instead.
  • Compiler now uses graphs to compose libraries from imports, exports, and parts, and should now mostly follow the Dart spec.
  • Partial support for show and hide on imports and exports
  • Support defining extends, implements, and with on bridge classes
  • Support for adding files to the compiler before compiling, for use in bridge libraries to enable exports.
  • Add recursion guard for type resolution

0.2.0 #

  • Partial support for anonymous functions and the Dart runtime type system
  • New serializable interop descriptor classes to allow for code push in the future
  • Runtime overrides
  • Implement collection if for Lists
  • Support for async/await via continuations, as well as Future.then()
  • Basic CLI

0.1.0 #

  • Rebuilt from the ground up around the new DBC bytecode compiler
  • Public API changes: see readme
  • Massive performance improvements, up to 350x
  • Support for the Dart type system (compile-time checks only)
  • Refactor class system to support super
  • New simpler Bridge interop that also allows const classes

0.0.4 #

  • Add support for if, basic for, number comparison operators, and postfix ++
  • Fix +, -, *, and / operators
  • Improve performance significantly

0.0.3 #

  • Make the Pub analyzer happy
  • Add some Dartdoc comments

0.0.2 #

  • Fix scoping
  • Add support for List and Map types

0.0.1 #

  • Create parser and interpreter
  • Add interop
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A flexible Dart bytecode compiler and interpreter written in Dart, enabling dynamic execution and code push for AOT Dart apps.

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