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Library to use provide flow control test steps to the Automated Testing Framework.

Table of Contents

automated_testing_framework_plugin_flow_control #

Table of Contents #

Introduction #

A series of test steps that are related to test flow control and test variables. The core framework is designed to be easily used by non-developers for building and running tests. Flow control and variables tend to be more advanced options which is why this is an optional add on to the framework.

Live Example #

Quick Start #

import 'package:automated_testing_framework_plugin_flow_control/automated_testing_framework_plugin_flow_control.dart';

void main() {

  // rest of app initialization
  // ...

Reserved Variables #

The following table defines the reserved variables provided by the plugin that can be by appropriate tests:

_functionResultdynamic42The result of from the execute_variable_function step when no resultVariableName is set.
_iterateNumint1The current iteration number from iterate.
_repeatNumint1The current iteration number from repeat_until.
_retryNumint1The number of retries the retry_on_failure step is currently on. This value is only updated by the retry_on_failure step.
_testableIdStringtestable_idThe id of the current testable matched by for_each_testable.