at_location_flutter 1.0.3
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A flutter plugin project to share location between two atsigns and track them on OSM (open street maps).

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at_location_flutter #

A flutter plugin project to share location between two atsigns.

Getting Started #

This plugin can be added to the project as git dependency in pubspec.yaml

  at_location_flutter: ^0.0.3

Sample usage #

It is expected that the app will first create an AtClientService instance and authenticate an atsign.

The location service needs to be initialised with the atClient from the AtClientService, current atsign and a global navigator key.


Navigating to the maps view is done simply by using:

        builder: (BuildContext context) => HomeScreen(),

To request location from an atsign:

await sendRequestLocationNotification(receiver);

To share location from an atsign and duration of share in minutes:

await sendShareLocationNotification(receiver, 30);