at_client_mobile 1.0.0+11
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Library for mobile app onboarding.

### Now for a little internet optimism

at_client_mobile #

This SDK provides the essential methods for building an app using the @protocol with useful device specific features for iOS and Android applications.

Installation: #

To use this library in your app, first add it to your pubspec.yaml

  at_client_mobile: ^1.0.0+7

Add to your project #

pub get 

Import in your application code #

import 'package:at_client_mobile/at_client_mobile.dart';

Usage #

var atClientServiceInstance = AtClientService();
finavar appDocumentDirectory =
        await path_provider.getApplicationSupportDirectory();
String path = appDocumentDirectory.path;
var atClientPreference = AtClientPreference()
     ..isLocalStoreRequired = true
     ..commitLogPath = path
     ..syncStrategy = SyncStrategy.IMMEDIATE
     ..rootDomain = AtText.ROOT_DOMAIN
     ..hiveStoragePath = path;
var result = await atClientServiceInstance.onboard(
        atClientPreference: atClientPreference,
        atsign: atsign,
        namespace: AtText.APP_NAMESPACE);
var atClientInstance = atClientServiceInstance.atClient;