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Flutter plugin in pure Dart code for selecting/editing multiple images from the Android/iOS image library and taking new pictures with the camera in the same view.

advance_image_picker #

Flutter plugin for selecting multiple images from the Android and iOS image library, taking new pictures with the camera, and edit them before using such as rotating, cropping, adding sticker/filters.

This is an advanced version of image_picker plugin.

Key Features #

  • Display live camera preview in a widget
  • Adjust exposure
  • Zoom camera preview
  • Capture photo without saving into device library
  • Capture with preview size mode & full screen size mode
  • Select photos from device library by browsing photo albums
  • Preview selected images
  • Support button label & text translation
  • Easy image editing features, such as rotation, cropping, adding sticker/filters
  • Allow user add external image editors for editing selected images.
  • Support for displaying object detection & OCR result on selected image view
  • Allow setting user's own stickers

Apps using this package #

1. - Shopping app for Vietnamese

Google Play App Store

2. - Find places to have fun, find places to experience!

Google Play App Store

3. Henoo - Heritage in your pocket (Le patrimoine dans la poche)

Google Play App Store

Demo & Screenshots #

Youtube Demo Link

Installation #

Dart #

This plugin requires dart version 2.16.1 or later

iOS #

Add these settings to the ios/Runner/Info.plist

<string>Can I use the camera please?</string>
<string>Can I use the mic please?</string>
<string>App need your agree, can visit your album</string>

Modify TOCropViewController version in snapshot (ios/Podfile.lock) to 2.6.1

TOCropViewController (2.6.1)

Android #

Change the minimum Android sdk version to 21 (or higher), and compile sdk to 31 (or higher) in your android/app/build.gradle file (refer example project).

compileSdkVersion 31
minSdkVersion 21

Change kotlin version to 1.5.21 or later in your android/build.gradle file (refer example project).

ext.kotlin_version = '1.5.21'

Add activity and uses-permissions to your AndroidManifest.xml, just like next.

<manifest xmlns:android=""

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />

Usages #

Add to pubspec

  advance_image_picker: $latest_version

Import dart code

import 'package:advance_image_picker/advance_image_picker.dart';

Setting configs & text translate function

// Setup image picker configs (global settings for app)
var configs = ImagePickerConfigs();
configs.appBarTextColor =;
configs.stickerFeatureEnabled = false; // ON/OFF features
configs.translateFunc = (name, value) => Intl.message(value, name: name); // Use intl function

// Add plugin's string inside lib/l10n/intl_**.arb of your project to use translation
// For example about english messages, declared inside intl_en.arb
  "app_title": "FreeMar - Share your things",
  "image_picker_exit_without_selecting": "Do you want to exit without selecting images?",
  "image_picker_select_images_title": "Selected images count",
  "image_picker_select_images_guide": "You can drag images for sorting list...",
  "image_picker_camera_title": "Camera",
  "image_picker_album_title": "Album",
  "image_picker_preview_title": "Preview",
  "image_picker_confirm_delete": "Do you want to delete this image?",
  "image_picker_confirm_reset_changes": "Do you want to clear all changes for this image?",
  "image_picker_no_images": "No images...",
  "image_picker_image_crop_title": "Image crop",
  "image_picker_image_filter_title": "Image filter",
  "image_picker_image_edit_title": "Image edit",
  "image_picker_select_button_title": "Select",
  "image_picker_image_sticker_title": "Image sticker",
  "image_picker_image_addtext_title": "Image add text",
  "image_picker_image_sticker_guide": "You can click on below icons to add into image, double click to remove it from image",
  "image_picker_edit_text": "Edit text",
  "suitcase": "Suitcase",
  "handbag": "Handbag",
  "bottle": "Bottle",
  "tie": "Tie",

// Or you can simply write your own translate function like this
// configs.translateFunc = (name, value) => Intl.message(value, name: name);
   configs.translateFunc = (name, value) {
     switch (name) {
       case 'image_picker_select_images_title':
         return 'Le immagini selezionate contano';
       case 'image_picker_select_images_guide':
         return 'È possibile trascinare le immagini per lelenco di ordinamento...';
       case 'image_picker_camera_title':
         return 'Telecamera';
       case 'image_picker_album_title':
         return 'Album';
       // ... Declare all your strings here
         return value;

Sample for adding external image editors.
(You can replace ImageEdit widget by your owned image editor widget, that output file after editing finised)

configs.externalImageEditors['external_image_editor_1'] = EditorParams(
      title: 'external_image_editor_1',
      icon: Icons.edit_rounded,
      onEditorEvent: (
              {required BuildContext context,
              required File file,
              required String title,
              int maxWidth = 1080,
              int maxHeight = 1920,
              int compressQuality = 90,
              ImagePickerConfigs? configs}) async => await Navigator.of(context).push(MaterialPageRoute<File>(
              fullscreenDialog: true,
              builder: (context) => ImageEdit(file: file, title: title, maxWidth: maxWidth, maxHeight: maxHeight, configs: configs)))

Sample for usage

// Get max 5 images
List<ImageObject> objects =
    await Navigator.of(context).push(
            (context, animation, __) {
  return ImagePicker(maxCount: 5);

if (objects.length > 0) {
  setState(() {
        .map((e) => e.modifiedPath)

Credits #

This software uses the following open source packages:

  • camera
  • photo_manager
  • photo_view
  • image
  • image_cropper
  • image_editor
  • flutter_native_image
  • path_provider

Support #

If this plugin was useful to you, helped you to deliver your app, saved you a lot of time, or you just want to support the project, I would be very grateful if you buy me a cup of coffee.

Buy Me A Coffee

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Flutter plugin in pure Dart code for selecting/editing multiple images from the Android/iOS image library and taking new pictures with the camera in the same view.

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camera, flutter, flutter_native_image, image, image_cropper, image_editor, path_provider, photo_manager, photo_view


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